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How much energy does your office waste?

Electronic appliances within an office can end up costing businesses a fortune each year. If you’re currently sitting in an office right now, look around you.

How many appliances do you see that are not in use? Maybe someone has stepped away from their desk for a meeting but left their computer on? Or perhaps someone has left a light switched on in an unused room? These actions can often lead to energy being wasted, an increase in your bills as well as your carbon footprint. 

What office appliances use the most energy?

This infographic from Utility Bidder shows on average just how much typical office appliances can cost a business and how much energy is being used from each one. Desktop computers, for example, can use up to 100 watts, costing a business an average cost of £36.50, and a server uses up to 1,000 watts costing a business an average £1,095.

Other appliances like air conditioning, projectors, photocopiers, laptops and broadband routers are all things that can consume a wasteful amount of energy. When you tally everything up within an office, you can see why these appliances end up costing businesses millions of pounds yearly.

What can you do to save energy?

Making small adjustments within the office can help lower your business’s running costs. Simple changes such as switching appliances off when they’re not in use, upgrading older office equipment to newer, more energy-efficient models and using smart tech for heating and air conditioning are just some ways you can reduce your energy bills.

It’s important that you get employees to adopt good practices within the workplace too, in the same way they would at home. By having your employees follow green initiatives and use office equipment properly, this will help build your company’s status as an eco-friendly business.

By following some of the energy-saving tips mentioned in this post you can reduce your company’s energy waste, improve your carbon footprint and save on costs.

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