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How to buy Dash Cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT?

The most valuable crypto projects are those connecting blockchain technologies with the real sector. In the future, it is supposed that financial institutions will look for options to facilitate money transfers worldwide. We would like to talk about one such crypto project – Dash.

Dash is a platform compatible with bank cards, cash as well as PayPal to provide speedy and secure currency conversion and transfer to any point in the globe. Let’s see Dash’s main features and later talk about how to buy Dash.


Dash Cryptocurrency Features 

Here are some valuable features of the Dash project:

  1. The price of Dash is $42.36 (November 2022)
  2. The platform uses the InstantSend program for quick money transfers.
  3. Paid transactions are completed in a couple of seconds
  4. Dash is built on the Bitcoin codebase
  5. The platform provides anonymity for transfers
  6. Dash is used for trading and as a payment method.

How to Buy Dash?

We recommend using the WhiteBIT crypto exchange, for it is secure for crypto trading with a full range of financial instruments. WhiteBIT has an easy-to-handle interface, and clients can pick an advanced or beginner version of the display. There are over 450 crypto pairs. Customer support chat works 24/7. The platform allows buying digital assets with fiat currencies. Here is a brief guide on how to do it:

  1. Registration and verification (if you aim to access all the trading tools and unlimited withdrawals, you got to pass KYC)
  2. Move money from your bank card to your account
  3. Find the trade section
  4. Enter the data for the trade in the calculator: your currency and the DASH coin.
  5. See the current price and if it suits you, pay the fee and buy crypto.

Further, you can exchange your Dash coins for other crypto assets and convert them back to fiat if you need to. Read more about trading on the WhiteBIT blog.

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