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How to Fit Your Love of Fashion into Other Hobbies

If you love fashion you’re not alone, as millions of people enjoy exploring this industry and discovering the latest trends. But have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to combine your interest in fashion with some of the other most popular hobbies around?


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Create Bingo-Themed Clothes and Accessories

Dressing up to go to a bingo hall was one of the highlights of the week for many people in the past when this game became massively popular around the 1960s. In more recent times, the arrival of online options such as playing bingo for real money at Paddy Power had made it more accessible. By playing online, you can choose from a variety of themed rooms with bingo games, as well as alternatives such as slots. The fact you can play from home means that online bingo gives you more flexibility in terms of how you dress too.

This leads us to the intriguing possibility of creating your own fun clothes and accessories to wear as you play. Maybe you’ll customise a t-shirt to give it a bingo theme or create a sparkly hat with bingo balls hanging from it. The only limit is your imagination, so why not experiment with a few ideas and see how much fun you have creating your new bingo look?


Write About the Fashion Industry

Maybe your other great passion is writing. in which case you can blend it with your interest in fashion pretty easily. There are many people across the planet who share your love of fashion and who could be interested in reading your thoughts and ideas. Maybe you could write a blog focussing on new trends, or write reviews of the products you buy from your favourites. This look by Vuelio at the best fashion blogs reveals the diversity in this industry and may give you some ideas.

The other aspect of this is how you can make money from your writing. You could monetise your own blog by adding ads or by looking for companies that might be interested in paying you for sponsored content. Another approach to consider is whether you could write about fashion as a job, either by finding a full-time role doing this or by starting as a freelancer and picking up different contracts as you go.


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 Source: Pixabay


Explore Cookery Fashion Ideas

Mixing cookery with fashion is our final idea for combining two hobbies to get more out of both of them. In this article, the Delish site explains why food and fashion are more closely linked than ever before. You could create accessories based on your favourite snacks, or create recipes that are inspired by the dishes you can’t resist. It’s up to you how you do this and how much enjoyment you get out of it.

The idea of adding a dash of fashion to your other hobbies works with other pastimes too. From sports to keeping fit and from shopping to looking after your pets, it’s worth taking a moment to consider how to add something extra to make it even better.



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