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How to Wear Sneakers With Skinny Jeans: A Guide

Sneakers are known for their versatility and functionality. Many “sneakerheads” like to buy different sneaker styles and wear them with athletic outfits.

But if you’re a lover of jeans, you might be wondering how to wear sneakers with skinny jeans.

So if you want to be ahead of the hottest fashion trends, then keep reading!


Sneaker Styles

Styling sneakers with skinny jeans is essential to having an outstanding style! However, picking the right sneaker style is also crucial.

Great fashion tips to follow are to pick a sneaker that extenuates your legs. Secondly, always choose a color scheme on the sneaker that you wear most often. You don’t want to be stuck with fabulous pair of sneakers that you never end up wearing!

There are different types of sneakers and designs. The most popular are high-top, platform, and low-top sneaker.

For starters, low-top sneakers can give your legs more length without the bulkiness that comes from a platform sneaker. However, if you’re a fan of bulky dad sneakers, these can give you some added height.

Lastly, high-top vans shoes are excellent athletic shoes that give you added security around the upper foot. High-top sneakers are seen as statement pieces because of their added design and sometimes crazy color scheme.

Whichever sneaker you chose, make sure you pair them with the correct skinny jeans and limited editions and ‘the latest drops’ that create demand through product scarcity.

Types of Skinny Jeans 

There are different types of skinny jeans, believe it or not. You might even be wondering what shoes to wear with skinny jeans. First, you need to know about other skinny jeans!

The most common are high-rise, mid-rise, cut-off, jegging, and super-tight skinny jeans. These can all look great with sneakers if paired correctly.

Firstly, a jegging style of skinny jeans wearing a flat sneaker-like Chuck Taylors can look great and be comfortable. If you enjoy skinny high-rise jeans, and high-top sneakers can pair well with these jeans.

How to Wear Sneakers With Skinny Jeans

If you’re a fan of bulky and high-top shoes, you need to know how to style jeans with them! Below, take a look at some fun and easy ways!

Bulky “dad” sneakers are very trendy at the moment. Men and women are raving over this sneaker style! Take a look at this style guide for the best ways to style dad shoes!

With bulky sneakers, you want to wear cut-off jeans or ankle-length jeans. This will help to elongate the legs while still letting the sneakers shine.

Similarly, if you like high-top sneakers, then the same rules apply. High-top sneakers can cut off you’re legs and make them appear shorter. By wearing cut-off jeans, your legs will appear elongated.

Take a look at this style guide for the best way to style dad shoes!

Fashion Forward 

Know that you know how to wear sneakers with skinny jeans; the next step is to rock your look!

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