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Instagram screenshot notifications – Does Instagram notify you when you screenshot a story of another user

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Most of the time, people ask this question, If Instagram notify you when someone takes a screenshot of your story?

Well, unfortunately, or fortunately Instagram does not directly send you a notification when someone takes a screenshot of your story.

Instagram only sends you notifications when someone takes a screenshot of a disappearing DM only if you are in vanish mode

In this article, we will cover when Instagram sends you notifications of a screenshot, and how you can deal with when someone screenshotted your messages.


Things to Remember

  • Instagram will never send you a notification if someone screenshots your post reel or a story
  • The only notification in Uber to see if someone took a screenshot of your disappearing DM
  • Be careful because Instagram screenshot rules can change again, at any time


When someone takes a screenshot of a DM Instagram will notify the person who sent the message first

Disappearing DM‘s are taken using the Instagram native camera, not the camera of your phone (Instagram would not notify you of a screenshot taken. The picture you sent was first uploaded from the camera roll of your phone). This can only be viewed once, or a maximum twice by replaying it.

Anyhow, you will never be notified if the person took a screenshot of a chat, including chat, history of conversation, posts, and reels that have been sent in the past.


You will be able to see an icon representing screenshots next to the message

  • It appears like a circle of lines, pointing out like a star
  • In vanish mode, it would be next to the message
  • You will also see the screenshot next to the conversation where your message was screenshotted by user


In the past, Instagram used to notify the story screenshots.

Formerly, Instagram had this feature to send a notification when someone took a screenshot of your story, but due to some reasons, Instagram removed this feature. You can only view your stories, and also see who viewed your stories.


Can I see someone’s story by being totally anonymous?

Third-Party Apps

Of course, You can use third-party websites like Instanavigation to view Instagram stories of any profile on Instagram. You can also download the media content in its original format. The Instagram account holder will never get this notification in their viewer list.


Use an Additional Phone Camera

Although it’s not the ideal way, you can another phone to take a photo of an Instagram story. Of course, users are going to never know about this activity.



Instagram has been making many changes to its user interface and algorithm. So maybe in the future, we will be able to see more notifications just like Snapchat send you a notification if someone takes a screenshot of photos and videos and messages. We expect a huge update by the start of 2024 by Instagram, so let’s see what exciting stuff we will see in the coming year.


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