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Is Las Vegas still the home to big artist residencies?

The phrase “The City of Entertainment” is only one of the numerous nicknames for Las Vegas, and it is primarily attributable to the incredible array of concerts that can be seen there at any given time. There is no other city that regularly hosts as many top headlining performers. Concerts have resumed in Las Vegas after a break caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. That includes famous artists’ regular appearances at theaters all along the Strip. Do not wait to get tickets if you’re considering a trip to Las Vegas. Currently, demand is considerable as the Strip welcomes a large influx of tourists and resumes normal business operations.

Due to the demand for tickets to watch certain musicians perform live, several venues have begun to schedule these singers for a series of dates known as a residency. These artists are among the top things that attract tourists and people who come to sightsee and have fun in the “City of Entertainment”. Other things which attract people to the city are the exciting casinos where many games can be played. Players may have had a taste of what Sin City has to offer by playing themed games on sites that are listed on platforms that highlight those without wagering requirements, meaning they have been able to enjoy the best experiences possible.

A well-known musical performer signing a deal to give regular performances at a certain location over a certain amount of time is known as a Las Vegas residency. A residency in Las Vegas often involves an arrangement between a performer and one of the major casinos on the Strip to put on many shows each week for a number of months or even years.


Which big artists have been in Las Vegas recently, and do they still attract tourists?

Katy Perry

At the brand-new Resorts World, Katy Perry is one of the illustrious headliners who recently extended her run. With a performance that features numerous songs that have reached the top of the charts and ornate stage designs, the pop diva is exceeding everyone’s expectations. Moreover, the majority of visitors will like to hear her songs.


Barry Manilow

Since Barry Manilow has performed in Vegas intermittently for so long, he is virtually as closely associated with the city as Elvis Presley was. The Westgate, which previously housed the King, is the perfect location for the singer-“The songwriter’s Hits Come Home” engagement. During the course of a career that has lasted more than 50 years, Manilow has achieved everything, receiving Grammy, Tony, and Emmy awards.



The singer first gained attention when she announced her first-ever Las Vegas residency in early 2022. She then garnered even more attention when she abruptly canceled her shows. A run of dates for “Weekends with Adele” between November 2022 and March 2023 has been rescheduled for the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. There will be many individuals present for the concerts who purchased tickets.


Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan began his career as a composer for other musicians before going solo, scoring more than 20 #1 country records, and is currently a judge on American Idol. The accomplishments list can be expanded to include Las Vegas headliners. At the Theatre in Resorts World, the singer now performs regularly. Now that they will see him live, fans are anticipating it.

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