Kenzie finds words for the aftermath of heartbreak and betrayal on new track “word vomit.” 

Kenzie Ziegler has something about her that can’t be overlooked. A sweetness that feels like sunlight on a summer morning. But at the same time, a strength that can only be built over many years. On previous tracks like “anatomy” she gets vulnerable about a life in the public eye. Now, she reflects on the emotions of heartache and betrayal in her latest release “word vomit.” The 19-year-old singer/songwriter has a knack for infusing each of her songs with a touch of sensitivity and pure raw emotions. Weaving genuine emotions and vulnerability through every song has resonated with listeners, gaining her a massive social media following, she currently boasts 14.7million followers on Instagram.  

Sitting down with 1883, Kenzie chats about her latest track, her aspirations for the future and more. 

What is the story behind your latest release “word vomit”? 

You know, it’s been a tough time for me lately. I recently went through a breakup, and it’s all about me finding out things through my ex-boyfriend’s recently deleted messages. I wanted to write a song about it because I feel like a lot of girls go through this and they don’t trust their partner fully. It was like a form of therapy for me. 

What are your favourite lyrics from the song? 

My favourite lyric from the song—it’s more of a line, but it’s: “it makes me feel like I lost a limb, a piece of me is gone and I don’t think I’ll reattach it.” I just think that’s such a great way to interpret it because when you lose someone, no matter if it’s a boyfriend or a friend or anyone, it kind of feels like you’ve lost part of your body and you don’t know what to do. 

I read a quote once that said: “To be loved is to be seen.” And I think losing a friendship or relationship always hurts so much so I understand you. Because you’re so vulnerable and you give pieces of yourself to another person and when they leave, they take those pieces with you and you won’t ever get them back. Next, can you talk me through your writing process? 

The writing process of this particular song, like with any song that I write, is usually I go on with a concept and I pull on it for two hours. Like I said, it is a form of therapy for me so I really treat it that way. Usually songs come very easily just because I come in with a lot of things to talk about. I want them to just know that they’re not alone and that they shouldn’t be afraid to speak their mind. I feel like growing up I was and I still am a people pleaser, but I’ve gotten way better at it and I’m just not afraid to be honest anymore. I think that’s what I want people to take away from it. 

How do you deal with the pressure of being in the public eye? 

The pressure of the public eye is a weird one for me just because I grew up in it so I don’t really know any different. When I was younger, I would take it to heart. I would delete Instagram 24/7 because I was getting hate comments. But then I just recently learned that there’s so much hate in the world and it’s bound to happen, no matter who you are. I’m just so happy that I have the life that I do and then I get to be on social media and get to have such a platform where I can share my music with everyone and share who I am. 

Do you think that creating music heals your inner child in a way? 

I definitely think creative music fuels my inner child just because with my song “anatomy” especially. It helped me get over it. And I think being able to talk about your feelings but put it into a song. It’s just such a different experience for anyone and the way that I can make people feel with those songs makes it so much better for me. 

Which artists do you look up to? 

I look up to so many artists. I can name a bunch but right now I’m super into Phoebe Bridgers and I would love to work with her as well as Boy Genius. I love Gracie Abrams. I think she is so talented. I also just love how she is in her own lane and she’s so, so talented.  

What is the relationship with your sister Maddie like? 

My sister and my relationship is so awesome. We are best friends. I’ve looked up to her my whole life. especially now just because she’s grown into such an amazing woman. I just think that she does everything with grace and she’s so talented. She’s humble while she does it. Even as a person I think that she’s a very good role model. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

I’ve been given a lot of advice from a lot of different people and I think all of it is super amazing, but I think this is the most cliche answer. I think the best advice I’ve ever given is “do it like no one’s watching” because that helps me a lot. With performing I get a lot of stage fright and it’s taught me to just be myself and also don’t be afraid of what other people think because, you know, not everyone’s gonna love you. I think just do what makes you happy. 

What’s next for you this year? 

I am definitely coming out with a lot of things. Something really exciting is coming in summertime. I cannot wait for everyone to hear about it. But hopefully a tour. I think that would be something that I’m really looking forward to. There are so many things that I am interested in. I love trying everything but I think if I didn’t do music, I would love to be an interior designer. I’m sure I could do that later on in my life but I’m super into art and furniture and antiques and vintage things. I think that’ll be something that I would love to do. 

What is something you want to manifest for yourself this year? 

I already said this, but I would like to tour. For me, I just love meeting people and I love travelling and I love singing my songs. I think that’s something I definitely want to achieve this year, even if it’s just. 

What is something you want to be remembered for? 

I think for me, what I want to be remembered for is just having a good heart and helping people with my music. I think that my big goal in life is just to be really good. 

“word vomit” is out now.

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