Khamari | Live at The Lower Third, London

Whenever new talent arrives on the scene there tends to be a moment where everybody catches on. That moment for R&B singer Khamari arrived with the release of his 2023 album A Brief Nirvana. The 11-track project was a smooth offering of his vocal talent, meaningful lyricism and gentle melodies.

Having released A Brief Nirvana to positive reviews all around it was only fair that he take those vibes to fans all over and for them to experience the sonic melodies and strong vocals live. 

Putting his talent on display during his debut London headline show Khamari had audiences dialled in and locked in from start to finish. Coming through as a new green and fresh talent you could very much tell that he is one to pay attention to. With two sold-out shows at The Lower Third, his talent was displayed front and centre as he played a rather short but meaningful set of songs off the project in addition to previewing new songs to come. 

“Doctor, My Eyes” was a clear stand-out moment as the crowd sang back the emotionally charged song word for word with Khamari. Additionally, moments like Cherry Picking and the preview of a song called “God’s Eye” and “Gravity is Taking Us” were all various points that really made the energy of the room charged. 

Connecting with the fans and taking the time to speak with them sign vinyl and show his appreciation was also worth noting as it was very clear and evident what their support meant to him. The energy of the room was really alight from start to finish everybody there buzzing to hear and embrace this moment. This is quite a moment in his career, I’m sure. Those who were present in witnessing this moment know that this is the start of something special to come in his career journey. 

Words Seneo Mwamba

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