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Landscaping Solihul – How to Design a Low-Maintenance Garden

One of the most common questions we get asked when it comes to landscaping in Solihull is, “how can I design a low-maintenance garden without sacrificing appeal?

And we understand why this is so. After all, who wants to spend all their free time tending to their garden when they could be relaxing and enjoying it?

The good news is, it’s possible to create a garden that is both beautiful and easy to maintain, with a little bit of planning and smart design choices.

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Planning and design

The first step in designing a low-maintenance garden is to have a clear plan and design in place. This includes deciding on a style and layout that works for your garden.

For starters, consider the size and shape of your garden, as well as the amount of sunlight and shade it receives. This will help you choose plants that are well-suited for the climate and soil conditions in Solihull.

It’s also important to think about the purpose of your garden; is it for entertaining guests, relaxing, or growing your own produce? This will help you determine which elements to include in your design and how to arrange them.


Materials and features

When it comes to materials and features, choosing durable options is key. Pavers, gravel, and pebbles are great options for paths and walkways, as they are easy to maintain and can withstand heavy foot traffic.

You can also use natural stone for features like retaining walls and water features, which are long-lasting and require minimal upkeep.

Raised beds and container gardening are also excellent for controlling soil conditions and reducing the amount of weeding and maintenance required.

And don’t forget about the benefits of mulch – when applied correctly, it can be super effective for suppressing weeds, retaining moisture, and providing a finished look to your garden.


Irrigation and lighting

Proper irrigation and drainage are essential for keeping your garden healthy and reducing the need for manual watering.

A good place to start is to set up drip irrigation systems or soaker hoses to make watering more efficient. Additionally, consider putting up a rainwater harvesting system to conserve water and reduce your water bill.

Low-voltage lighting is another great way to enhance the beauty of your garden at night, while also providing safety and security. We recommend using LED lights as they are energy-efficient and long-lasting, which makes them an obvious choice for outdoor lighting.


Maintenance and care

Low-maintenance doesn’t mean not having to do anything. Indeed, you’ll still need to complete usual tasks like pruning, deadheading, and fertilizing.

Others include mulching and composting to help reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Where possible, use native plants since they are better adapted to the local climate and won’t require a lot of management.


Automation and technology

Smart irrigation systems, robotic lawn mowers, weather sensors, and soil moisture sensors are a few examples of tools that can help you better monitor your garden’s health and make adjustments accordingly.

These tools can help you save time and money by automating tasks and reducing the need for manual labor.

Garden design software and apps are also useful for planning and visualizing your garden before you start. Use them to get a better sense of the final outcome and make any necessary adjustments before you begin your landscaping journey.


Use a professional landscaper

As with any process that needs a high-level skill to bear fruits, it’s important to work with a professional landscaping company that has experience and expertise in Solihull. The best ones can help you with everything from planning and design to installation and maintenance.

They can also provide you with valuable advice on choosing the right materials and features, as well as recommendations for plants and other landscaping elements that are well-suited for the local climate and soil conditions.

And if you’re looking to leverage automation and technology into your garden, a professional landscaping company can help you with that as well. You can also contact Michaelangelo for more tips and ideas when it comes to landscaping.



As a busy homeowner, it’s important to find ways to simplify your life so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

By following the tips we shared here and working with a reputable professional landscaping company, you can create a garden that is both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, all without spending a fortune or hours on it each week.

Did we leave something out or would you like us to provide more information on a specific area? Let us know in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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