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Love for Audi: Celebrities with a Weakness for the German Manufacturer

Audi has been in business for over 112 years and in that time, the German car manufacturer has only grown in size and respect. An elite section of the Volkswagen family, Audi’s latest range of cars have once again started to top the charts in their respective classes after a few years of moderate performance. So, is it a wonder that the following celebrities have a weakness for the brand and its unique products?

Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, aka Katy Perry has an excellent collection of cars across several makes and models of course, which is a given for any of the celebrities on this list. However, the famous singer, songwriter, and TV show judge has a special weakness for her black Audi A5 (Sportback), which she uses more often than any of her other cars. Coming from someone who owns a huge collection consisting of everything from the vintage Mercedes-Benz W180 to the fast and beautiful Ferrari California, that’s saying something!

The British Royalty

Did you know that most family members of the British Royalty own at least one, if not several models from Audi? Of course, they own a lot of cars, as should be expected, but once again we see a preference among the Royal family towards using their Audis more than any of their other cars. The Queen may prefer her Bentleys more, but the rest of the family have a definite weakness for the German manufacturer’s best models.

Much like Katy Perry, Prince William also owns a very similar, black A5 Sportback, while Prince Harry prefers his Audi A3 a lot more. Prince Charles is more old-fashioned of course, and he likes his limousines. In fact, he has two of them from Audi in the form of an A6 and an A8 Limousine.

There’s enough practical reasoning behind Audi’s car designs to make them a top choice in the UK, irrespective of whether they are royalty or not! If you’re looking for Audi car dealers Essex, check out the Essex Car Company. You should be able to find exclusive information and financing offers on not just the latest Audi models, but pretty much any other make or model that you may have in mind.

Jason Statham

It is widely believed that no other action hero can pull off the roles that Jason Statham has over the years, but the actor himself is looking to break away from what he calls one-dimensional roles.” However, as far as his love for cars is concerned, nothing has changed there. Consider the fact that Statham owns at least three Audi 8-Series models, if not more.

His Audi S8, R8, and A8 are cars that somehow complement the English actor’s hard personality with perfection. In fact, did you know that one of his Audis (R8) is the same one that was used during Transporter 3’s shooting? In fact, all the Transporter movies had him driving several different Audi models.

Other celebrities who have also been seen in their Audis more than in any other car are Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Elijah Wood, and Jessica Alba to name a few. Make no mistake about the fact that all these personalities love other brands as well, but they do share a fondness for the German make in particular.

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