Millennial Fashion Trends: A Guide

What is a Millennial? Well, this is something of a million-dollar question.

When it comes to the naming of generations, and there are now a great many subsets to consider, the general consensus considers Millennials as those born between 1977 and 1995, and these individuals are also less commonly referred to as Gen Y.

From a marketing standpoint, the Millennials are a group that the fashion industry, from high-end to outlet stores, values very highly. This is because they have a decent amount of disposable income and a large portion of those in this generation are more willing to spend as they are yet to start a family or save for the future.

Now, when it comes to Millennial fashion trends, this is a different nut to crack all together, but there are definitely many styles, garments, and accessories that are most commonly considered to be part of a stereotypical Millennial’s wardrobe.

With a view to laying out items that are sure to be in just about every Millennials wardrobe, here is a selection of accessories that are like catnip to this generation.


Skinny Jeans

If you see anyone, male or female, wearing a pair of painfully tight skinny jeans, then it’s very likely they are Millennials or deliberately attempt to pass for one. This is a look that still works but one that you have to make sure you can pull off with confidence. They help to stretch us out and make us look taller and are, on the whole, a very sexy item to call upon when the need arises.


Aviator Eyeglasses

Millennials can’t get enough of aviator-style eye glasses, and to be fair to them; it’s a timeless trend that is followed by many regardless of their generation. They could elect to update themselves to a nice pair of rimless eyeglasses if they want to stay entirely on-topic, but all in all, the Millennials can rest easy here.


Musical Tees

The band t-shirt fad will never leave us, and it’s a fashion trend that crosses all generations but is firmly rooted in the Millennial era. It doesn’t matter if the wearer has even a passing interest or knowledge in the band; it just has to look effortlessly cool. Every Millennial has a number of these in their armory. Usually, these will involve at least one AC/DC or Led Zeppelin item and probably Nirvana for the additional cool points.


Chelsea Boots

This kind of neatly leads on from the previous item as Chelsea boots have a kind of a classic rock feel to them. A very British item and one that is versatile enough to be worn with a work ensemble as well as part of a late-night outfit. They are an item of footwear that is comfortable, and that in itself is a reason to keep wearing them until they decay. Pair with tight jeans or even a mini-dress if you want to hedge your bets.


Second Hand and Thrift Shopping

A key aspect of Millennial fashion comes in the form of the act of shopping for clothing items and accessories themselves. A Millennial will always have an affinity for thrift and second-hand stores. They appear to like the idea of hunting for treasure, and to be honest; this is a very ecologically sound way of approaching fashion as a whole and something that earlier and later generations would do well to follow, especially in 2021 when the pursuit of a greener lifestyle is far more prevalent.



Another entry on this list that is more about a state of mind than any specific item. Gen Y likes to be ready for battle on all fronts, and that means mixing fitness and fashion will always be welcomed, and that’s led to a boom in athleisure items if these items can come in bright and even garish colors, even better. This attitude to melding clothing types is, of course, an easy way to go about your entire day without having to change multiple times.


Spending Obscenely Large Sums on That One Must-Have Item

It appears that though Millennials are, on the whole, quite frugal when it comes to their fashion choices, they are not averse to splashing the cash on that one designer item that they’ll hoard for all eternity.

That is typically a designer bag but can come in the form of insanely expensive shoes. The thought process here is that you pay for what you get, and in this instance, it means decades of wear on that special occasion that comes around once or twice a year. By the way, this too is a fairly environmentally friendly way to approach your wardrobe choices.



Maybe it’s because we’ve spent much of the past two years stuck at home due to the coronavirus, but there is something very comforting about loungewear, and the Millennials know this all too well.

They love and live in loungewear, and the whole concept of the choice to dress in an uber-informal manner has led to the easy availability of quality items that are in the loungewear range. Sweatsuits, stylish pajamas, and rompers, there are many ways to dress down while feeling super comfortable when doing so.

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