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New Game Releases at MrBet Casino: What to Expect From Them

mr bet has released new games in an effort to provide more fun and excitement to the customers. At this online casino, nothing else matters but the satisfaction of players. In this article, you will see what latest games were added and what you can expect from them!


New Slot Machines

Recently, there were released several brand new games from trusted providers. These slots give you more bonuses, better gameplay and graphics, and overall, more chances to win big bucks!


Here are some titles you must look into:

  • Golden Crown
  • Kiss My Chainsaw
  • Giga Animals
  • Into the Jungle
  • Royal High Road
  • Fruit and Storm
  • Miss Joker
  • God of Gamblers


These slot machines come from various renowned game providers, such as Play’N Go, Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play, and many others. They offer world-class games of chance, pushing the limits of what technology and human art can do.


Bonus Features

Mr Bet’s new games have a lot to offer in terms of fun and the potential to make money. The slots that were released have different features to make your gaming experience worth your while.


Here are some examples:

  • Wilds – these are symbols that replace ordinary symbols to make a winning line, giving you more opportunities to land a winning combination.
  • Scatters – these are a symbol that does not need to be on specific spots to produce a winning combo. Furthermore, these scatter symbols typically grant the player several free spin bonuses.
  • Stacked Symbols – this is a feature where the symbols would pile on top of each other. If this happens, you get better opportunities to make winning lines, especially if they are stacked on the first reel.
  • Avalanche – in this feature, winning symbols will disappear and get replaced by new ones. As the new symbols appear on the reel, you will have better chances of producing a new payline, which means more money or wins.


There are other features that will certainly make every spin matter. For example, there are slots that pay two ways. Most of the time, slot machines only calculate combinations from left to right. Some of these games of chance pay or calculate combines from the right-most reel to the left!

Then, there are new slot machines that offer multipliers. These multipliers randomly appear on the reels. If the combination uses them as a winning symbol, the multiplier value is applied to the win amount. Some slots use multipliers in the wild symbols, and some apply it to the winnings of the bonus spins.


Bigger Prizes and RTP

Slots are games of chance, and it is not that easy to win in them, especially those that have a lot of symbols. Because of this, slot games that have a high RTP were released.

RTP, or return-to-player rate, is the measurement of how much money the slot machines pay over a long time. If the slot’s RTP is 90%, it means that for all the bets it took, it will give back 90% of that to its players and then keep the 10% as profit. At Mr Bet, slot machines with an above-average RTP are presented to the gamblers. It means that in the long run, the slots disburse payments more than the profit that could’ve been kept.  

Join Mr Bet now and see the freshest releases. They only work with the best game developers in the world, and assure players that all the games are fair. Apart from the games mentioned here, other new ones come out, such as Idol of Fortune, MonkeyPop, Hell’s Dog, Lordi Reel Monsters, and so much more!

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