Soft spoken and charmingly straight to the point, Talulah Riley just might be the prototype of the ideal conversationalist. It's no wonder ex-husband Elon Musk fell in love at first chat and proposed to her after ten days. Cerebral and creative,

It’s an unspoken truth that in culture and geography, Budapest stands with one foot in Eastern Europe and one in Western Europe. While staying at Matild Palace, a luxury collection hotel, you can experience both.  It feels like everything the city

At this point, it is no secret that I am an Afrobeats stan, as somebody who has been in tune and had many a conversation with a variety of Afrobeats artists its always exciting for me to see who the

London duo REUNIØN unveils their new uplifting track Caves. With lyrics that blend the introspective & imaginative parts of our brain, REUNIØN are reminding us what it means to be positive with their new single Caves. Born out of the idea of "emerging from

After an eight year hiatus Punchdrunk is back with the much anticipated, The Burnt City, which opened this month at their new home in Woolwich, London. Punchdrunk are the world's leading immersive theatre company, who's last foray was The Drowned Man back in 2013: a

Multi-talented artist & painter Blonds chats with 1883 Magazine about his new single "Yesterday."

It wasn’t all that long ago when bars still had smoking sections, or when there were even some bars in certain places where smoking was fully welcomed. However, since 2007 it has been illegal to smoke in any indoor establishment

In conversation with 1883 Magazine’s Editor Kelsey Barnes, David Harbour discusses his Stranger Things return, why Jim Hopper has been an instrumental part of his personal and professional growth, his return to the theatre, and more.

Genre-defying Canadian artist Teagan Johnston finds strength in music after heartache in her debut album Sentimental Ballad. Crafting a rich soundscape of minimalstic piano-driven tracks with a unique narrative-building world, Teagan Johnston is an artist to keep your eyes on. The release

Congee chats with 1883 Magazine about his new single Forever and his debut EP KWONG.

Spanish songwriter Shanghai Baby dazzles on her debut EP, EP01. You may know her as the bassist in the renowned indie band Hinds but Ade Martin has branched out into new territory by releasing her very own solo project. Under the

When we see the weather changing and the sunshine coming among that is a sign that summer is in the air, and with those seasons changing it means that we are bringing out all the vibes in terms of music.

LA-based hyperpop trio NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS have just released their debut EP BAD THINGS COME IN 3s. NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS consist of college friends Gabi Gotts, Perrin Xthona, and Tammy Gonzalez. The trio met while studying at Berklee College

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