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Noga Alice Nore: A Multi-Talented International Star with Deep Roots and Global Aspirations

Noga Alice Nore is a European actress, model, creator, and director who epitomizes the essence of a multi-talented artist. With a rich heritage comprising English, French, Bulgarian, Moroccan, and Greek roots, Nore’s diverse background has undoubtedly influenced her dynamic career. She has seamlessly integrated her talents, from styling and art direction to music and production, making her a standout figure in the entertainment industry.

From a young age, Nore displayed an inherent talent for the arts. She began her journey at six years old, studying acting, modern dance, and music. Her fashion designer grandmother imparted valuable lessons in fashion, design, and styling, further enriching Nore’s creative repertoire. She majored in psychology and sociology in high school, laying a solid foundation for understanding human behaviour—an asset she deftly incorporates into her acting and directing. During her childhood, she won a dance competition, highlighting her early talent and dedication to the performing arts.

Nore’s formal education is as impressive as her practical experience. She studied communication and training in the army, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Marketing. Furthering her expertise, she pursued NLP studies, journalism, and television at Item, as well as electronic music, under the guidance of Oliver Heldens. Her comprehensive training includes acting, cinema, directing, production, and screenwriting with industry professionals Danny Motale and Yossi Keenan. She also studied at The Studio, the acting school of Gal Amitai, further honing her acting skills.

Her career is a testament to her versatility. Nore has performed as a singer in various capacities, including school bands and community choirs and as a soloist in a rock-pop band throughout Europe and the Middle East. Her experiences as a dancer and DJ have further diversified her artistic portfolio. In fashion, she has worked as a model, stylist, director, and producer in her grandmother’s design business and other international productions. 

Nore is a partner in the international production company Danny & Nore Pro. She is also working on a new music album, having already released two singles, and is developing her brand, Nore 4 Style. As the manager and producer of French singer Rene Fridge, Nore’s influence extends beyond her performances to nurturing other talents.

Her current projects include the short film “My Endless Love” and the international film “Saving Larisa,” in which she serves as a producer, second director, and actress, playing dual roles. These roles showcase her ability to navigate complex characters and contribute creatively behind the scenes.

Despite her busy career, Nore remains committed to mentoring others. She guides aspiring actors, empowering them through acting, writing, and styling. She believes that the intersection of creation, acting, writing, and psychology is vital for self-expression and therapy, emphasizing the importance of clothing and body language in life and production settings.

Nore’s connection to England is profound. She cherishes memories of her great-grandfather and family trips to London, which have instilled a deep sense of belonging. Her aspirations are global, yet she remains anchored by her European roots and the dream of a home in England or Amsterdam.

As for her personal life, Nore is single and focused on her career. She seeks a partner who understands her creative pursuits and the demands of the industry. Her dreams of European love and a potential relocation to the USA reflect her international outlook and ambition.

Noga Alice Nore’s journey is a compelling narrative of talent, resilience, and unyielding passion. Her multifaceted career and dedication to her craft continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

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