Paracosm – Open Your New World

What is paracosm? Main symptoms. How to identify paracosm in yourself? Advantages and disadvantages of such a phenomenon.


New Discoveries With The Help Of Paracosm

When we read fairy tales or watch films with fantastic elements, we are surprised at the new inventions of people and their logic. How can someone create something so unusual and detailed, giving it titles, names, and storylines that look like entire universes? To make this, you need to have a fantastic phenomenon as a paracosm. Boundless imagination can beautify any field of activity or simple life. In most cases, Paracosm manifests itself in children. From an early age, they can create new worlds and play a fairy tale (not only as a theater but by modeling how the characters of the story would react to unusual situations). For children, this is a way of knowing the world so they learn better what is wrong and good. Not everyone can transfer this phenomenon into adulthood.


What Does This Mean, And Why Does It Appear?

Paracosm can easily be confused with hyperphantasia, as both are ultra-vivid and detailed imaginations. With these functions, you can create new objects and imagine incredible pictures in front of you. But the main difference of paracosm is that you make your universe in your childhood or adolescence and maintain its state, characters, and story at an older age. Both theorists and psychologists came to this opinion because if you analyze the available examples, then everything converges.

Let’s look at the most common examples. The book and later film by C.S. Lewis, “Narnia,” was based on Boxer’s imaginary world that he developed with his brother as children. Such universes can be invented independently or based on already created stories and designed and grow as their author matures.

Paracosm can appear for various reasons. For whom, this is just a fantasy world in which he can relax and have fun, go through some adventure, or come up with some kind of theory. But it can also be associated with some bad memories, for example, trauma due to the child trying to rebuild his reality or hide from bad influences. In this case, the invented world works as a place for the release of emotions and a mechanism for overcoming problems.


Manifestation Of Symptoms

Paracosm affects a person more than you can imagine, affecting different areas of our brain and decision points. This function can manifest itself in different ways for each person, but its action has similar features.

  • Quick decision-making;
  • Good feel for the environment;
  • High level of empathy;
  • Confused thoughts;
  • Breaking the link between reality and fiction.

Of course, all these symptoms may not be related to each other and this ability, but such factors were noticed in all the subjects.


Pros And Cons Of Creating Your Own World

Such a rich imagination can bring both benefits, as children’s fun can turn into exciting ideas for study and work, but also the owner of a paracosm can lose touch with reality, which brings discomfort and misunderstandings.



Well-developed intuition and visualization are expected, which are essential for the creative field. Different directions of thought processes are also available, which allows you to approach various tasks and problematic issues in a non-standard way. The most important thing is that people with such abilities can help develop science or other areas, for example, invent new languages and codes, discover new theories, methods, etc., which are undoubtedly positive qualities both for the person and the world around them.



The possibility of getting stuck in a fictional world will lead to a low level of critical thinking and a misperception of the world. Various life problems, depression, and trauma could lead to such a function of the human brain. Unfortunately, they don’t help long-term, so it becomes not enough to close in your world. Thoughts that become unbalanced can also suffer from uninterrupted memories.

Nevertheless, despite the above factors, the paracosm is considered normal if you invest it in a second channel and only for your own good.



The brightest images and worlds, of course, are obtained from children since they don’t limit their thinking and the created universes. Many adults try to maintain paracosm and not lose touch with the already invented world. Still, the most crucial thing when plunging into their world is balancing it with their mental and emotional state.


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