Playing Your Cards Right: An Intro to Casino Etiquette

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The inner rebel within each of us may want to believe that breaking casino rules is a thrilling adventure. However, it is common knowledge that adhering to the rules, particularly the unspoken ones, is wise. Every online or in-person casino has its own set of rules, social cues, and proper etiquette. Trust us when we say it is better to be on the side of caution.

Your actions at a casino significantly impact everyone else who is part of the experience. It is essential for everyone involved to familiarise themselves with casino rules and etiquette. The absolute minimum requirements are demonstrating mutual respect, adhering to socially acceptable behaviour, and observing general etiquette. You’ll be glad to know that casino dealer etiquette is just as crucial and expected. Both players and dealers must fulfil their respective roles.

With that said, let us introduce you to casino etiquette, as our guide below will steer you correctly into playing your cards right.

General Casino Etiquette

As a general guideline, it is customary to dress appropriately when visiting a casino. Most upscale casinos have specific dress codes that players must adhere to. Doing so can ensure a smooth entry past the doorman and make a confident impression once inside. Failing to comply with the dress code may lead to a sense of not belonging and an unfavourable start to your casino experience.

While dice tricks can be entertaining, any respectable gambler must exhibit proper casino etiquette and behaviour simply by using your manners.

Be mindful not to place personal belongings such as wallets, bags, and documents on the table. This also applies to beverages. These items obstruct the view of both players and dealers during the game or become inconvenient.

When it comes to expressing gratitude for excellent service at casinos, tipping is a customary act. If a dealer or staff member goes above and beyond in providing exceptional service, it is advisable to consider offering a tip as a token of appreciation. While the specific amount may differ, a general rule of thumb suggests tipping approximately 5% of your winnings.

Table Games Etiquette

Casino etiquette needs to understand the rules of a game before joining a table, even though some dealers and players may be willing to explain them to beginners. This enhances the overall enjoyment for everyone involved and alleviates any concerns about making the right moves.

When gambling, it is crucial to have confidence in your own decisions and avoid seeking advice from the dealer. Asking for their guidance can put them in an uncomfortable position, as their suggestions do not guarantee a guaranteed win. If you were to follow their advice and still lose, the situation could become awkward. Therefore, relying on your judgment and accepting the outcome is best.

Certain casino games, particularly blackjack, require hand signals to indicate how you want to play your cards unless you’re using an expert selected casino sites. Memorising these signals is essential, as verbal instructions alone may not suffice. Otherwise, it can be frustrating for both you and the dealer if they need to explain them repeatedly. Below are the hand signals that must be familiarised when the cards are dealt face up.

Slot Machines Etiquette

Sit at a slot machine only when actively engaged in playing. If you are not playing, kindly offer the machine to another guest who is playing.

Dedicated players may occasionally occupy multiple machines, alternating between them. Always ensure that the machine you select is not in use by someone else. It could still be in use even if no one is physically present.

Always stick to one machine when the casino is crowded. Remember, you are not competing against any other player but rather against the casino itself.

Maintain composure when experiencing losses. It is a normal part of the game and is unrelated to the machines, staff, or other players. And always be considerate and gracious towards fellow winners. This will enhance your overall enjoyment of the experience.

Poker Room Etiquette

Angle Shooting

An angle shot in a poker game can be considered the most unethical move, and it can manifest in various ways. Any deliberate action that aims to deceive fellow poker players by violating the game’s rules is classified as an angle shoot.

Avoid Slow Rolling

Although slow rolling is not technically prohibited by the official rules of a poker room, it is one of the most flagrant violations of poker etiquette.

A slow roll occurs when a player, holding the best possible hand (the nuts) or a hand that is undoubtedly the winning hand, intentionally takes an extended period before revealing their hand at the showdown. Slow rolling is often performed to taunt opponents and can provoke even the most experienced players.

Never Hit & Run

The poker ‘hit and run’ refers to a situation where a player wins a substantial pot and promptly leaves the game. While there is no official rule against this practice, it is generally frowned upon at the poker table.

Technology in Casinos

Personal electronic devices are not allowed in the casino, including cell phones. You cannot use any electronics while playing casino games. Additionally, cell phone reception is typically blocked by the thick walls of most large casinos, so you would need to go outside to make a phone call. In the sports book area of the casino, cell phones are completely prohibited.

While casinos used strict rules against photography to protect players’ privacy, this is no longer the case. Gambling has become more widely accepted, and it is often difficult to distinguish between the gaming floor and public areas in many casinos. If you are unsure about any rules, it is recommended to ask a security guard.

Final Thoughts  

Every casino establishes its own regulations and guidelines, and it is the players’ responsibility to acquaint themselves with these rules before playing. It is important to note that gambling laws apply to all physical casinos, requiring individuals to enter at least 18 years old and strictly prohibiting cheating. Failure to adhere to these rules, whether legal regulations or the specific terms of a casino, will result in expulsion from the premises.

If you’re still feeling like the only beginner around, keep in mind that you’re likely not alone! With your newfound knowledge of these frequently encountered guidelines, you’ll swiftly become skilled and ready to indulge in various forms of gambling. Observing how others conduct themselves at the casino will also assist you in behaving appropriately, so be attentive to your surroundings, and we’re confident you’ll navigate just fine.

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