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Ranking Nike High Tops: These Are the 10 Best of All Time

Are you a fan of Nike high tops?

Nike is one of the best sneaker brands and the high tops are a classic for any fan!

If you’re interested in adding a few high top sneakers to your closet you should choose the best. These high top sneakers aren’t just great for fashion, but they might also be a great investment.

But what are the best Nike high top sneakers?


Here are the best Nike high top sneakers you should add to your closet:

  1. Air Jordan III

This is one of the best options if you want to wear high top sneakers as part of your everyday fashion.

This particular model showed a different spin on the traditional Air Jordan sneakers. It had a new strap design and this made all the difference. It remains one of the most popular sneakers in the Air Jordan line.

Air Jordans are a great addition to any sneaker collection. The Air Jordan III will be one of the most valuable investments you can make if you wish to sell your sneakers later.


  1. Air Jordan Legacy 312

Here’s another great Air Jordan sneaker to add to your collection. This high top sneaker became popular among Chicago residents who used the area code 312.

These are known for their more colorful aesthetics. One of the most popular models has a black layer with tints of red and white. This is a beautiful high top sneaker and is great for fashion or for holding as an investment.


  1. Air Precision

Now let’s look at a great high top sneaker if you want to shake and bake on the court!

The Air Precision is one of Nike’s most popular high top basketball sneakers. It’s got a light fabric material that helps the air flow easily through the shoe. This makes it perfect for maintaining comfort as you’re playing basketball.

It’s a rather light shoe that makes it ideal for athletics as well as walking. It’s not ideal for investment as it’s one of the more popular sneakers.

However, it’s perfect if you want to play basketball often or want to engage in other high-endurance activities.


  1. Air Unlimited

This is another great basketball shoe that’s better for the average person who wants to play on occasion.

It’s also one of the most comfortable Nike high tops that you’ll come across. It’s got a comfortable cushion and protection for your ankles. This is a durable shoe and comes in a variety of different colors.

This is the ideal high top sneaker if you want a shoe for everyday wear. It’s also one of the more affordable Nike high top sneakers that you’ll find.


  1. Air Force III

Any hip hop fan will remember dancing to Nelly’s song about the classic Air Force Ones. Those are still some of the best sneakers to own for any Nike fan.

But if you’re a fan of high top sneakers, you should look into the Air Force III. These are great sneakers if you want an everyday shoe. They’re also ideal for playing tennis and light athletic activity.

If you’re a sneaker collector, then you want to stock up on as many Air Force III’s as you can. Colorful Air Force III’s are likely to be great investments in the future.

You’ll also find that these are some of the most affordable high top sneakers on the market. If you buy a pair of Air Force III’s you can expect them to last for years.


  1. Air Jordan 1

This was one of the early iterations of the Air Jordan, first released in 1985. It remains one of the most popular sneakers for both basketball players and everyday wear. Even with their popularity, they’re a great investment for sneaker collectors.

Michael Jordan helped design this shoe. It was this shoe that made Air Jordan the standard shoe for many basketball players.

It’s available in plain colors as well as in diverse color schemes. This is arguably one of the most popular sneakers that we’ll ever get from Nike.


  1. The Blazer

This is another great high top sneaker for playing basketball. It’s also ideal for an everyday shoe. If you’re a collector, you can get your hands on a beautiful pair of Blazers!

The Blazer is characterized by an enlarged SWOOSH logo on the sneaker. The tongue is made of foam which adds to the comfort and flexibility of the shoe.

It’s a mid-level sneaker that also has a high level of durability. Like the Air Force III, one can expect The Blazer to last for several years.


  1. Zoom Hyperfuse

This is another great basketball shoe that works well if you find mesh to be comfortable. This was inspired by basketball players in China who found mesh to be ideal for a sneaker.

It’s a relatively new high top sneaker that was introduced in 2010. It’s ideal if you want to play basketball regularly. As of now, it’s not particularly stylish for fashion or as an investment.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the best high top sneakers for serious athletes.


  1. Air Flight One

This sneaker was one of the few that Michael Jordan wore on the court that wasn’t part of his Air Jordan collection.

The Air Flight One is a great basketball sneaker for serious play. It’s also one of the more affordable choices on this list.


  1. Air Carnivore

This is one of the oldest high top sneakers that Nike created — first released in 1983.

This is great for playing basketball but is also great if you need a fashionable pair of shoes to match your style. This is hugely popular among sneaker-heads and is the kind of shoe that’ll make heads turn!

Buy Nike High Tops Today

Now you can add these great Nike high tops to your sneaker collection. These are great sneakers to have if you want to stand out from the crowd and always be in style!

These are also great sneakers if you’re a collector and want to sell them later. The Air Jordans are essentials to any fan of Nike high top sneakers.

You should also add a few Nike Air sneakers to your collection. These are great for style, athletics, and collecting.

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