Top 5 Rarest Personality Types in the World

We know there are 16 personality types, and you would assume there are lots of people in the world representing each of them.  

Well, you’d be wrong!

There are five rarest personality types—in fact, they are so rare that you might never even meet one of their representatives, which makes them rather unique! From how they talk to how they dress and think, everything is very likely to stand out of the crowd—and we’ll cover their most absorbing traits in this guide!


Top 5 Rarest Personality Types

You know when you meet someone who’s not really interested in what others think, yet they’re not offputting but rather interesting? If yes, then you already know what meeting one of the rarest personality types in the world looks like.

Some of them aren’t that aware of their uniqueness, while others use this trait of theirs to brag around from time to time. Still, their integrity is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Here’s who they are.

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#1. INFJ

INFJs are known as one of the most contradictory personality types, which actually stems from their ability to see the world from multiple perspectives. They’re altruistic and emotional by nature but won’t let their feelings blur their minds; they’ll go the extra mile for you if they love you but won’t hesitate to cut you off if they notice the affection isn’t mutual.

In other words, INFJ people are a little universe of opposites, which can make people judge and misunderstand them, thinking they are two-faced.

This is usually far from the truth—they just always strive to know themselves better and improve their personality traits. That’s why the frequent change of mind is so normal to them. Having all that in mind, it’s no wonder INFJs are one of the rarest personality types in the world.

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#2. INTJ

While only their Te (extraverted thinking) makes them different from INFJs, INTJs aren’t a whole separate personality type for nothing. They always want to act on their ideas, and if they see an opportunity, they will take it.  

Their way of living is the definition of “work in progress,” as they thrive in situations where everything seems too complicated. If an INTJ starts working on something, no matter how hard it is (or how hard it becomes along the way), they won’t back down until they’ve found an exit. For them, nothing is impossible—you just need to think about all available options and test them out.

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#3. ENTJ

ENTJs don’t care much about details—they want to enjoy the ride! Sounds like many people you may know, but are all of them ready to do whatever they like? Do they allow themselves to, or do they worry about what society might say?  

Well, ENTJs would rather do their thing and sacrifice a few things along the way to get where they want to be.

While they don’t fret about what others will say, this doesn’t mean they’re reckless. They always have a plan, and following the planned steps gives them the freedom to do other things while still keeping their focus on the main thing. After all, they aren’t the thinking types for nothing!

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#4. ENFJ

You know that special friend you always turn to when things get tough, and they somehow make your problems disappear and make everything seem possible? Well, that’s exactly the vibe ENFJs have. And, let’s be honest, not everyone is capable of that! 

There’s a good reason behind their nickname, “Protagonists.” They want peace above everything and will stand up against everything wrong, which makes them rather dominant. You’ll see them passionate and persuasive, as it’s only natural for them to show someone their place—from standing up in the classroom if somebody is being bullied to leading a whole revolution.

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#5. ENTP

ENTPs are the infamous personality type among all. Love them or hate them, you have to admire them. They will break the rules like it’s nothing and make it look perfectly normal because, after all—for them, it is.

They are the ones who come up with witty remarks you remember forever. How do they do it? How are they so cool? But also, why are they so annoying? Whatever the answers are, these people will leave a lasting impression and something to think about for a long time.  

While they’re not always looking for justice, ENTPs are looking for someone who will want to debate about every subject possible and contradict them just to see what it’s like. Maybe it is better than their initial opinion—that’s why they’re debating in the first place.


Rarest Personality Type For Females

If you’re wondering what the rarest personality type among females is, you may be surprised to hear that this title goes to INTJ women, which make up 1% of the entire population in the world.

However, when you think about it, this result isn’t strange at all. INTJs don’t fit the typical female standard—no matter what they do, they will stand out, whether it’s makeup or their way of thinking. Even though INTJs don’t mind, being an outcast makes it harder to exist within society.

These females also love working independently and achieving their goals without interference. They even don’t mind staying out of the spotlight as long as they can get everything done. And, you must admit, you need a certain amount of bravery to act independently today, as it’s still hard for many out there, especially women.


Rarest Personality type For Males

INFJ men are the rarest personality type in males, making up around 0.5% of the population. We can understand why—looking at societal norms, masculinity is still a term that comes with a “lack” of feelings and the ability to take on anything for the sake of achieving your goal as a man. Besides that, being introverted is still looked upon in male circles.

INFJs are great personalities, but toxicity is still very real in today’s society. Showing or saying how you feel is a “weakness,” which is why they stand out, being themselves and not being afraid to show their uniqueness to the world. Therefore, it does make a lot of sense why they are such rare birds.


Key Takeaways

As we can see, the types that aren’t afraid to express their opinion are the rarest.

It’s not surprising, but it would be nice if more people would take notes from the personality types we mentioned—why not live by your own rules, at least for a short while? Maybe you’re an INTJ woman or an INFJ man reading this. Maybe someone in your family or close friends is these gems. Let the discussion take place—you will learn a lot by having a peek into their world.

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