Rounders 2 Could Still be On the Cards With Damon Interested

John Dahl’s 1998 offering Rounders only grossed $22.9 million at the box office, but it went on to have a monumental effect on the online poker industry. Indeed, it has been credited with kickstarting the sprawling sector that’s now worth more than $76.7 billion worldwide.

Even though Matt Damon has been in countless hugely successful movies, he still has a soft spot for the picture that went on to become a cult classic. In recent years, he has expressed an interest in making a long-awaited sequel.

Matt Damon Interested in Making Sequel

There have been various reports over the years that a Rounders 2 could come to fruition, but one of the most promising leaks came last year. It was reported that Damon and Ben Affleck were investigating whether making a sequel to the 1998 offering would be possible. The two lifelong friends discussed the possibility when they were being interviewed for another film but were coy about the project.

Apparently, Damon has been discussing Rounders 2 for years, believing that he owes it to all the poker fans who were inspired by the original. However, there are currently issues over who has the right to make the picture, which could be why it has been held up for so long. The promising news is that many of the key people are interested, suggesting that it could happen at some point.

New Picture Would Reflect How Poker Has Evolved

There’s no doubt that if Rounders 2 was made, it would be widely different to its predecessor. The poker world has changed exponentially since then, and a new movie would have to reflect that. Back in 1998, the online poker industry hadn’t even been born yet. The film purely focused on live poker games, and the psychology involved with them.

Now, online poker is everywhere, and it has even spread out into a wide array of variants. Many of these can be found among the top Canada live casino games. For instance, players can participate in games like Video Poker Live and Caribbean Stud Poker against real-world dealers. These games have emerged to attract a wider demographic of players and have capitalised on the live-streaming craze at online casinos.

A new Rounders film could involve Damon’s character trying to traverse the world of online poker. It could explain the similarities and differences between online and live poker and highlight how many modern players learn online before heading to major real-world tournaments like the World Series of Poker.

Damon has been incredibly busy in recent years. He starred and produced Air in 2023, and also appeared in Oppenheimer. He’s set to star in Drive-Away Dolls, IF, and The Instigators in 2024, highlighting how he’s keen to stay at the top of his trade. There’s no sign of Rounders 2 yet, but there’s a good chance that it will be made one day in the future. Damon is keen, he just needs to gain the rights to make it.

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