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Singers at the Isle of MTV and Their Hairstyles

The Isle of MTV held in Malta has become one of the most popular summer music festivals in Europe, routinely featuring some of the best artists in the world. It is a time to enjoy everything Malta offers, with different events held over the festival period. While it is not a fashion event in the traditional sense, attendees cannot help but notice the interesting and unique hairstyles the singers choose.


Ryan Tedder – OneRepublic

Ryan Tedder

OneRepublic headlined the Isle of Man 2023 festival, and Ryan Tedder, the group’s lead vocalist and pianist vocalist, was seen sporting an intriguing hairstyle. He had a dyed undercut, a look achieved by cutting longer hair to leave some at the top and have the hair slope towards the back.

The beautician then fades the sides using scissors or a clipper, taking care not to remove so much that they leave bald patches. That would require another cut and would become another hairstyle altogether.

Ryan already had longer hair, so achieving this look was always going to be easier for him. However, the hair must have some hold and texture for this haircut, says Elena, a leading hair stylist in Malta. If not, it will not stay put as styled, and will instead fall on the face, something a stage performer does not want to happen.


Mimi Webb

Mimi Webb

This English singer and songwriter has experimented a lot with her hairstyles over the years. While many will recognise her in a ponytail, she is also known for letting her hair flow past her shoulders to show off its length or for its bouncy curls.

Her long hair was on display as she performed “House on Fire” and other singles in Malta, as she let her hair go and went for a wavy look with some of it tied behind her head. It is an interesting look, especially considering she was performing in the summer.


Thomas Grennan

Thomas Grennan

Tom Grennan is a songwriter and singer from Bedford. He has been featured in several singles as a vocalist. His debut album, Lightning Matches, gave him some commercial success, although it was his second album and subsequent collaborations with other artists that gave him the breakthrough he needed.

Being a popular artist and vocalist in his genre, it is not surprising that he was included in this year’s Isle of MTV lineup. He showed up to the stage with his signature curly hair and low fade, although he let his hair grow longer and cover up some of the fade for this performance.

He says that he achieved the look with the help of his makeup artist once she saw him with blonde highlights and realised he could look so much better with curls. He says he dyed his hair towards the end of December 2022 and has since experimented with blond and natural tips.


Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem is an Australian songwriter, musician, actress, and TV personality. She was one of the youngest people to be signed by Sony Music at 15 and has one of the highest-selling albums in the country.

She is known for her thick, blond hair she wears in different styles. Her most iconic looks include loose spirals and waves, although she is also known for wearing her hair straight and has had it short in the past.


Ava Max

Ava Max
Ava Max, an American singer, has always dreamed of being a singer. She got her break when she was signed by Atlanta Records in 2016 and released her first single, Sweet but Psycho, later that year. She headlined the Isle of MTV festival in 2017, where people got to see her personality and the unique hairstyle that comes with it.

Max says she wanted a haircut that reflected her personality, so developed the max-cut. The max-cut, as she describes it, entails straightening the hair to its maximum length and then cutting the right to shoulder-length and the left to mid-back length.

Despite looking like it, Max says that she does not need a wig to achieve this look and that it pairs well with who she is.

Ava Max also changes her hair colour quite often. In her 2019 performance, she had blond hair that almost looked white under certain lighting. She has also experimented with a rainbow of pastel colours and natural tones depending on the look and message she is going for at the time.


Mae Muller

Mae Muller

This 26-year-old English songwriter, singer, and performer headlined the festival’s 2022 edition with long, wavy, and flowing hair. She kept the brunette colour that she wears most of the time. As with other artists, she has experimented with different hairstyles over the years and regularly posts hair transformations on her social media accounts.

She can be seen with straight hair, curly bobs, or “messy” styles from time to time, and they all look great on her.

Many artists look to make an impression with their music, but some also want to do the same with their looks. Singers and celebrities change their hairstyles over time, and some who have performed at the Isle of MTV have caught people’s attention. Interesting, personal, funny, or functional, every singer has done something with their hairstyles that makes them stand out.

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