London newcomer SOMOH approaches the sensitive topic of body image on My Body Is A Friend.

Ahead of the release of her debut EP A Plan To Get Home out later this month, 20-year-old British artist SOMOH unveils their new track My Body Is A Friend. The song acts as an ode to loving her body and a reminder that your body is on your side at all times regardless of your own relationship with it.

Since the release of her first two singles Anything and I Know You Care, SOMOH has crafted a debut EP that encapsulates everything the young rising singer/songwriter has experienced throughout her 20s. Serving as a coming-of-age soundtrack of sorts, A Plan To Get Home touches on everything from falling in love, struggling with personal relationships, and coming to terms with yourself.

Ahead of the release of her upcoming debut EP, 1883 Magazine chats with SOMOH about the new song, the inspiration behind it, and more.



Writing My Body Is A Friend must’ve been a cathartic experience for you, but was there any part that you found difficult to write about or explore throughout the songwriting process?

Absolutely! The verses were especially difficult to write, as I was recalling from my experiences of a time that I had a lot of self-image issues. However maybe the hardest part was that putting it into words, meant I was forced to acknowledge that I did feel (and sometimes still do feel) those same negative and critical thoughts about myself.


My Body Is A Friend navigates your own struggles and acceptance journey with body image. What do you hope people take away from the song after listening?

More than anything, I hope this song is a reminder that your body does so much to carry you through each day, and for that it deserves to be treated with the kindness and respect you’d show to a friend.


Was there a specific moment in particular that inspired the track?

I guess the seeds of the song started as I began learning about the principles of body neutrality. I was struggling with my body image and it suddenly made so much sense that having this ‘middle of the road’ mindset, would help to stop me viewing my body for what it isn’t and remind me of what it is. That’s where the line ‘my body is a friend’ came from.



Your upcoming EP is your debut collection of work. How do all of these songs interconnect as a whole?

For me, this EP captures a moment of time between the ages 17-20. I used my songwriting as a way to navigate a lot of the big changes that were happening in my life and all these songs represent different changes and challenges I faced coming into adulthood.


Why did you decide to call the EP A Plan To Get Home?

The EP is named after the final track A Plan To Get Home. That song was inspired by a bad night out, where all I have wanted was to get back to the safe space of my bedroom. It’s the place where I wrote all these songs and where I’ll always feel most comfortable to express myself. So it just felt right!


It sounds like A Plan To Get Home is a collection of songs that summarize your coming-of-age story. Tell us more about what you were experiencing at the time of writing this and how you explored your coming-of-age narrative through these songs.

Those transitional years were full of things to write about! I had just gotten into my first relationship with my now girlfriend of 3 years, Covid hit and it felt like every relationship was being challenged. Making music felt like the only ‘way out’ in a time where everything seemed uncertain.


Was there anything in particular that surprised you about yourself while writing and recording A Plan To Get Home?

Honestly the main thing that surprised me was how I started writing with guitar. I hadn’t really picked up a guitar until 17, but it immediately made sense with the music I wanted to make and I love the endless possibilities you have with alternative tunings! I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve made by teaching myself over the years.


You say that A Plan To Get Home is a long time coming. How would you say you’ve grown as a songwriter since your earliest songs to now with the collection of tracks that make up your EP?

I think I was still a bit unsure of the musical direction I wanted to take in my earlier songs. I was mainly writing for vocals and acoustic guitar, but now I’m all for the full band sound. I’d like to say I’ve grown into myself and am able to articulate my exactly the vision I have for my songs. It’s taken a while but I’m happy with where I am!



You pull inspiration from The Japanese House, Adrianne Lenker, Far Caspian, and many others. What is it about their sound that you resonate with?

The main thing I resonate with in their music, is the way they are all able to create amazing soundscapes. I love when music feels like a 360 degree experience, when you get chills and have to start the song again before it’s even over because you can quite believe what you’ve heard! That’s the type of music I’m always striving to make.


If you could manifest something for yourself this year, what would it be?

That’s a hard question, there’s so much I want to achieve this year! It would have to be playing more live gigs and working with some of my dream artists. Imogen Heap, Alex G… if you’re reading this (you most definitely aren’t), please give me a chance!


My Body is A Friend is out now, follow SOMOH via @somohbutinallcaps


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