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Style Your Dress: 7 Fashion Tips For Summer

Summer is the season for pretty colors and good vibes. Dressing up for a warmer season is always exciting, giving everyone a pass to wear vibrant colors, prints, flats, and dreamy, flowy sundresses.

You’d be surprised at how many outfits you can come up with for summer holidays and days out with friends. But with all the options, it can be challenging to stay warm and comfortable and be just as stylish. Shop the latest summer styles at Hello Molly.


Your Guide to Warm Weather Style

Summer fashion is not just dresses, shorts, and flip-flops. The range of tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories for the summer is endless, and putting an outfit together can be confusing.

Whether you’re headed for the beach or a lunch date at an expensive cafe, it’s important to choose both fashion and function when it comes to dressing for warm weather. Choose airy, ventilated pieces that won’t trap heat and make you sweaty the rest of the day. It also helps to pick footwear that’s comfortable to wear and walk in a warmer climate.

These are just the basics, and here are more ways for a stylish summer.


1. Toss Tight and Form-fitting Pieces in the Back of the Closet

Warm weather demands a more flowy, airy fabric to keep your body temperature comfortable. Summer is not the season for tight clothes and heavy fabric, so save the sweater dresses and denim jackets for fall.

Choose loose-fitting tops and shirts made of cotton and linen that are more suited for a warmer climate, not to mention sustainable and earth-friendly. Opt for dresses with thinner (but still modest) fabric and draping hemlines to give off cool summer vibes while keeping the heat in check.

Maxi dresses are all the rage every summer for the same reason. Go for a fashion that’s not just stylish but comfortable and won’t hurt the environment.


2. The Skin is in

For effortless summer fashion, hanging tops are your best friend. Not only are they loose enough to let air in, but nothing says ‘Summer’ more than showing off a bit of skin.

Off-shoulder and crop tops are also great for summer fashion as long as they aren’t too breathable and light. In-season billow tops are airy and work well with shorts, trousers, and mini skirts. As a bonus, some tops can give you great tan lines.


3. Change up Your Color Palette

Summer fashion is all about light colors. Darker colors are not a good choice this season as they absorb more heat and seem out of place. Go for lighter colors to stay cool and keep the summer vibes going.

Neutral colors are also in if brighter colors aren’t your thing. Muted colors make a great summer color palette. Summer outfit staples like maxi dresses, detailed tops, and coordinates in neutral shades are taking over summer fashion as of late, and for a good reason.


4. Accessorize!

Liven up your summer outfit palette with accessories. Summer is all about accessorizing, so add a little more edge to your outfit by adding beaded earrings, chunky pendants, and a nice pair of tinted sunglasses – mix it up for a fun summer look!

Accessorizing is exciting and fun, but stay within the theme and colors of your outfit. And remember, we’re going for both fashion and function, so avoid accessories that might end up uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Remember to keep things lightweight.


5. It’s in the Bag

You’d be surprised how a bag can make or break an outfit.

For summer, do away with heavy leather bags, as the leather can be warm and uncomfortable on your skin on a warm day. Instead, go for canvas totes, mesh shoppers, and woven crossbodies that not just spell S-U-M-M-E-R but are just as reliable as your standard leather totes. Also, woven and knitted bags are more eco-friendly and encourage sustainable fashion.


6. Keep Things Natural

Summer is all about natural everything – neutral colors, natural makeup, and free-flowing hair.

Thick, overly-done makeup can be unbearable on hot summer days, so it’s best to go for a “no-makeup” look – peach and bronze shades, nude lipstick, light eye makeup. This look works well for hairstyles in season, such as loose waves, half-ponytails, and simple updos.


7. Summer is for Sunglasses

Look up “summer fashion,” and sunglasses are the first thing you’ll find.

Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and add chill confidence to your look with a hint of mystery. Aviators, wayfarers, and chunky oversized glasses are often the best bets for a full summer look, but be free to mix things around and find a pair that works for you and your style.


Make Summer Yours!

It’s no secret that summer is the most fun season. Since summer is all about fun and good vibes, have fun experimenting with style, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Remember, fashion is all about fun and expression, so mix it up and keep things fun. Make this summer hotter with sustainable and stylish pieces that turn heads everywhere.  Have a great summer!


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