The Metallic Bag Trend: 5 Most Searched Styles

Ready for some glitz and glamour? This year’s metallic bag trend is here to ensure you’re always in the limelight! Silver, gold, bronze – these top trending metallic bags are truly stealing the show, and we want to know which styles you simply can’t get enough of.

From the petite charm of metallic micro bags, to the classic allure of a gold clutch – we’ve got the lowdown on the styles that are on everyone’s search history. So, we’ve scoured the internet for the most searched for trending metallic bags… drum roll please… Here’s the top 5 trending styles!

1. Cult Gaia Nala Gold Clutch

Cult Gaia Nala Gold Clutch RRP £405.00

Suggested image and alt text: Cult Gaia Nala Gold Clutch RRP £405.00

With a fashionable 600% more searches for this Cult Gaia Nala gold clutch in the last three months alone, it’s safe to say this stunning golden clutch is on everyone’s wish list. With its distinctive shell-like design, it’s a unique piece that’s truly going to elevate any outfit.

Wondering how to style metallic bags like Cult Gaia’s? Simply pair with a black suit and trouser set to add a touch of light (and glamour) to your outfit.

2. Dior Metallic Diorama Bag

Dior Metallic Diorama Bag, RRP not available
Dior Metallic Diorama Bag, RRP not available

​​The runner-up in the most sought-after metallic bags is none other than Dior’s captivating Diorama, in a seductive metallic bronze hue. Searches for this shiny accessory have surged by an impressive 425% in the last quarter, creating a buzz that’s impossible to ignore!

In fact, this trending metallic bag has been a HOT topic since Dior officially confirmed its discontinuation back in 2020. But the revelation only intensified the allure of this iconic style, infusing it with a fresh layer of glitzy desire. Now, as it transforms into a collector’s item, the Diorama stands as a testament to timeless elegance.

3. Gucci Silver Guccissima Bag

Gucci Silver Guccissima bag RRP not available
Gucci Silver Guccissima bag RRP not available

The metallic bag trend has led our internet explorers to this stunning Gucci Guccissima bag, so much so that +400% more of you searched for it recently! The matte silver finish gives this classic shoulder bag that extra oomph, making it an ideal bag for any fashionista..

This metallic bag style is super versatile, perfect for glamorous days out (and copious enough to hold all our snacks and makeup essentials!) Plus, it can also double as a silver evening bag for fancy restaurant or aperitivo outings.

4. Silver Baggu Maxi Metallic Bag

Silver Baggu maxi metallic bag RRP £18.00
Silver Baggu maxi metallic bag RRP £18.00

Thankfully, not all your most searched for metallic bags were expensive (phew!) In fourth place, we have Baggu’s fun metallic maxi bag in a shimmery silver shade, with +350% more of you searching for it in the last couple of months.

This practical bag folds right down to fit into your pocket, making it an ideal shopping bag that still packs a glamorous punch, making it one of the best metallic bags out there (especially for those who like to carry plenty of essentials with them!)

5. Diesel Metallic Bag

Diesel 1DR XS  metallic micro bag RRP £300.00
Diesel 1DR XS  metallic micro bag RRP £300.00

In fifth place, we find the adorable Diesel 1DR metallic evening bag. You fashionistas searched for it a cool +200% more times in the last three months, making it one of the most trending metallic bags of the season.

We love this super cute metallic pink micro bag because it fits our lippy, smartphone and keys – everything you actually really need!

Words by #GabriellaGasparini

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