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The Most Popular Slots in Online Casinos

Slot games are the symbol of online casinos. Table games like Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat are important as well, but yet, the top spot belongs to slots. Their impact on the industry has been invaluable and they keep going strong to this day.

There can be no serious online casino without a wide slot offer. For example, Casino BruceBet places the majority of its game leverage into its slots library. Despite having an astonishing number of titles, they’re aware of the power slots have within the gaming community.

Below are some of the most popular ones played in casinos around the world. Each year blesses us with new titles, but for now, let’s see which ones were among the most beloved by the players so far.

Gonzo’s Quest

In Gonzo’s Quest, adventurer Gonzo is paired with a searcher who is trying to locate the vanished city of El Dorado. You’ll be hunting for the rumored treasures that hide in this wealthy city alongside him.

The game’s theme reflects the bygone era of colonial America, and you’ll be transported back to your early childhood memories of hearing this tale. Many seasoned players rank Gonzo’s Quest, a 5-reel video slot game with fantastic graphics and an extremely entertaining UI, as one of the best slots to play.

Most online casinos will likely offer this game with an RTP of 96%, which is about normal for the sector and makes it just as profitable as most NetEnt slots.


Starburst is a very well-liked online casino game for a reason. The slots allow you to win more than €50,000, and if you are lucky enough to land the wild symbols that show up on the game’s three center reels, you might win a ton of free spins.

This is most likely the greatest slot machine game for you if you enjoy playing ones with great soundtracks. Almost all players should find the game’s audio to be rather enjoyable. Although you can still play the game without the audio, turning them off seems to ruin the entire mood.

This straightforward casino game, which has a 96.1% RTP, is very simple to learn and much simpler to win from when you play. However, it must be acknowledged that seasoned players may not find Starburst’s straightforward 10-payline layout to be the most entertaining, but again, that’s all a matter of personal taste and preferences.

Golden Legend

Golden Legend is a Chinese-themed video game that offers players the possibility to win enormous sums of money in prizes in an attempt to transport them back to the heyday of the magnificent Chinese Empire.

In contrast to other games, the objective of Golden Legends is not to maximize the number of simultaneous wild symbols that appear on the screen. With an RTP of 96.80%, the game has one of the highest RTP percentages on this list and is among the greatest of all online casino slots.

Even though the game’s features appear to be rather basic, it’s a lot of fun to play and you won’t have any trouble picking up the fundamental ideas quickly. In fact, even if you’ve never played slots before, you can still benefit greatly from this game.

But since it’s a 5-reel slot machine, it would be wiser for you to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals before playing.

The world of online slots is full of amazing and entertaining titles, which makes it hard to pick the best ones. The final judges are you, the players, by selecting those that capture your hearts. Hopefully, the next year will bring even more and even better games for everyone. Until then, keep spinning!

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