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Top 10 Spoon Pipes For Sale in 2022


The most used bowl in the world is the Spoon Pipe. In fact, without realizing it everyone who has smoked cannabis has more than likely engaged in use with these popular hand pipes for smoking marijuana.

There is a reason for their massive popularity. Spoon pipes can be some of the simplest to the most ornate pieces a person can own. Finding the best weed pipes for sale is easy with the massive selection available at the World of bongs online smoke shop.


How To Use This Spoon Weed Pipe For Smoking

Using a spoon pipe is easy and fun! Here are the easy steps to begin a good smoke session.

  1. First, you will get a good glass spoon pipe.
  2. Next, take some weed and grind it up or break it apart.
  3. Then, fill the bowl with weed. Be sure not to pack it too tightly or too loose.
  4. From here, pick up the pipe and cover the carb hole while placing your lips on the mouthpiece.
  5. With your free hand, take a lighter and begin to light the herb in the bowl.
  6. Inhale while lighting and after a moment remove your thumb from the carb hole.
  7. After inhaling, don’t forget to exhale!
  8. Repeat and enjoy.


When searching for for hand pipes online, look no further than the selection offered at this online smoke shop. The list below can help guide anyone cannabis smoker  in choosing the best spoon pipes for sale!


Glow in the Dark FRIT Glass Pipe

Glow in the Dark FRIT Glass Pipe


Glow in dark accents is not the only thing that makes the FRIT glass pipe stand out. Standing out from many other traditional or ornately styled weed pipes, this one is filled with silica. These tiny granular pieces are brightly colored and layered to create an eye-catching pipe.

The bright yellow thumb grip on the sides glows in the dark too! The FRIT Glass Pipe measures 5 inches long. The glass is made from thick layers of borosilicate allowing for long-term wear and tear. It is easy to clean and far from ordinary all while having a low price tag of $29.99.


Stoners Necklace Hand Weed Pipe

Stoners Necklace Pipe


An absolute must-have for literally anybody. Perfect for festivals, traveling, hanging out on the beach, parties, and just for oneself. The Stoner’s Necklace is an original classic piece. The necklace is made from hemp materials and the pipe is from blown glass.

Every necklace will be different in coloring by a little bit, creating uniqueness. At a price of only $19, everyone needs this. It is easy to access and simple to use. Never forget where the glass pipe is again with the Stoner’s Necklace.


Sea Shell Hand Spoon Pipe


Sea Shell Hand Pipe


The original design and full of beachy summer vibes. The handheld sea shell spoon pipe is perfect for vacations or reminders of sunny hazy days. Bright vibrant reddish and orange colors make this conch shell gorgeous to look at. Little notches and bumps create a super realistic look and add texture to the glass feel of the pipe.

Measuring in length at 4.5 inches and with a price tag of $29.00, a pipe like this is too cute to pass on. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, pictures don’t do it justice. Definitely a really beautiful hand pipe with a deep herb bowl.


Marley Natural Glass Spoon Pipe with Wood Accents

Marley Natural Glass Spoon Pipe with Wood Accents


Stylish and classy, the Marley Spoon Pipe has delightful wood accents. The clear and deep glass bowl will make one feel ritzy and elegant. More than just sophisticated in look, this spoon pipe is easy to clean. The mouthpiece is wooden and rounded for easy pulls.

The Marley Pipe stands on its own for ease of use and display. It comes apart into three pieces for easy cleaning, travel, and storage. This pipe measures 4.5 inches long and is set at the fitting price of $58.99.


Higher Standards Heavy Duty Glass Spoon

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Glass Spoon


Higher Standards brings out a heavy hitter with this large capacity glass spoon. It is handcrafted from borosilicate glass and made in the USA. A perfect pipe for filling to the brim with its large bowl.

Holding a massive amount of weed, it is both lightweight and durable. The ergonomic grip makes for easy holding, while the flared mouthpiece allows for deep hits. It even comes with a little poker for stirring this weed fire. For the price of $49.99, this Higher Standards Spoon Pipe is easily worth it.


Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe

Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe


Not all handf pipes have to be made of glass! This spoon pipe by Eyce has a layer of silicone on the exterior to protect the glass underneath. A useful addition for those who are more prone to dropping their tools.

A spoon pipe such as this one comes in many colors. It also has a poker that fits inside the bowl and an extra little compartment that comes out of the bottom of the bowl. It can be used to store screens or extra weed! This is a perfectly convenient silicone pipe.


Grav Labs Frosted Spoon

Grav Labs Frosted Spoon


A frosted spoon like this glitters with joy as it is being used. It has a built-in ash catcher and comes in a variety of colors. A soft and gently sparkling pink can be the oh-so-cute glass pipe for any pink lover. While the solid amber color sits glistening like crystalized honey in the palms.

A 4-inch frosted spoon pipe like this is made of high-grade super-strong borosilicate glass. The GRAV pipe is only $20.00 and is the perfect new addition to any collection of spoon pipes.


Yellow Guy Silicone Hand Pipe

Yellow Guy Silicone Pipe


The Yellow Guy pipe is made of silicone and offers long-lasting durability. The cheeky rendition of many people’s favorite yellow henchman. Get this pipe in your collection for the low price of $7.99

His goofy smile will be sure to light up any smoke session. At such an affordable price it is the perfect gift for oneself or a friend. It measures 4 inches long like many other spoon pipes.


The Glass Beaker Spoon

The Glass Beaker Spoon


Shaped like a mini beaker, this glass hand pipe will bring the scientist out in everyone. The shape and style of this glass pipe allow for it to be self-standing. It is made from durable borosilicate tubing.

Coming in a variety of colors, collecting each of these could become a fun journey. Colors for the beaker pipe include smoked black, soft and semi-transparent amber, a funky green, and more. Measuring 4 inches, this piece comes at a reasonable price of $20.00.


Baseball Bat Spoon Hand Pipe

Baseball Bat Spoon Hand Pipe


This spoon hand pipe is HUGE! No one else will have a piece quite like this in their collections. Shaped like a baseball bat and sized to match, this unique accessory needs two hands to use. Made from extra thick and durable borosilicate glass it also is notched with stabilizing grooves so it doesn’t go rolling off tables.

On sale, this awesome Baseball Bat pipe goes for $79.00! Well worth it too, considering the huge rips one can get out of this glass pipe. The clear glass will make seeing it filled with massive amounts of smoke even more enjoyable. A spoon pipe like this is not just for baseball enthusiasts but for all those who love massive bowls.

If you’re looking for heady glass, World of Bongs recently opened their own gallery called Cloud7, located in downtown Zürich, where they mainly sell heady glass and glass art.

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