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Top Dropshipping Suppliers from China: Your Ultimate Resource

Online business takes a new shape with dropshipping where entrepreneurs are able to sell products without managing inventory or handling shipping logistics. It brings a lot of ease in the life of those who want to start a small online business but with minimal risk. China is a leading source for drop shipping from China and offers a vast array of suppliers and cost-effective products. Let’s discuss the benefits of using Chinese dropshipping suppliers first, and then we will introduce you to the top five dropshipping suppliers China to consider for your business.

Benefits of Selecting China Dropshipping Suppliers

There are various benefits to choosing Chinese dropshippers. Some of the key benefits are:

Variety of Products:

AliExpress provides over 100 million products for drop shipping. It is virtually impossible not to find something that you want to sell in your niche. You will get variations in products across various categories, from electronics to clothing, homeware, and toys. The benefit of dealing with Chinese suppliers is that you can ask them to customize your products. 

No Warehouse Fees:

Chinese manufacturers handle the logistics; therefore, there are no warehouse fees. They will handle everything from warehouse to shipping and you are carefree and don’t have to pay extra money.

Cost effective:

Chinese suppliers have low production cost products, so drop shippers will get products at low rates and earn more profits.

Lots of Shipping Options:

If you work with Shewin and AliExpress, you will find that suppliers offer diverse shipping options. However, picking the fastest one will make it a bit pricier.


With your business growth, it is easy for you to scale your product offerings and order volume with Chinese suppliers.

Shewin: Women’s Clothing

Instead of choosing the multiniche wholesale supplier, it’s best to choose niche specific like Shewin for women’s fashion clothing and accessories wholesale suppliers. Shewin is known for its high quality products, affordable wholesale prices, and dropshipping plans. 

When it comes to categories, you will get many options to explore from shirts and dresses to leggings and pants, from hoodies and jackets to shoes and bags, jewelry, and many more. The size is no issue for Shewin as they follow US size standards and offer apparel in all sizes from small to plus size so that everyone gets what exactly they want. 

Moreover, their easy to navigate user-friendly website acts as a plus point to choose it as a wholesale clothing supplier. The low MOQs, 24/7 available customer support, easy shipping, and return policies are further features that make Shewin the best option for small to large businesses. 

AliExpress: Multiniche

When we say drop shipping, the first name that comes to mind is AliExpress. It is a powerhouse for the drop shipping world. AliExpress provides a variety of products across various niches. Whether you are selling beauty products, electronics, home decor, or sports equipment, this amazing platform connects you with thousands of suppliers that give you the flexibility to diversify your product offerings easily. Moreover, this platform provides buyer protection and reliable shipping options. Aliexpress helps to build trust with your customers.

CJDropshipping: Multiniche

CJDropshipping is another amazing option for those who are looking for multiple niches. You will get a vast range of items, such as electronics, fashion, home goods, and pet supplies. One of the standout features of CJDropshipping is its personalized services including quality control, branding options, and product sourcing. CJ Dropshipping suppliers go above and beyond to help you with your business. They make it easier for you to manage your operations and focus on growth.

DHgate: Industrial Goods and Appliances

DHgate is a perfect supplier for those who are interested in dropshipping industrial goods and appliances. You can select from their massive selection of products, including electronics, machinery, and household appliances. 

DHgate is also in demand for its bulk pricing options. This option makes it a great choice for those who are looking for more competitive prices on high-ticket items. This particular platform is easy to navigate and also provides reliable shipping options. These facilities ensure timely product reach to the customer.

SaleHoo: Dropshipping Toys:

For those who are looking for products for a toy business, SaleHoo is a reliable resource. They directly connect you to suppliers that specialize in high-quality toys and games to cater to the needs of children of all ages.

SaleHoo is also known for its clean vetting process that ensures the trustworthiness and reliability of suppliers on the platform. So you can confidently offer safe and enjoyable toys to your customers. This is possible because you know you are working with reputable partners.


Online business success lies in your decision to choose the best and right dropshipping supplier. Although China has many reputable options which one will work best for your business is tricky to know. But the names we suggested in our list will surely prove helpful for you and your small business. 

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