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Types of Truck Accidents To Watch Out For



In the world of trucking, there are many potential hazards. From suddenly dumping cargo in a precarious place to simply not being able to see over the vehicle’s height, truckers must deal with all sorts of dangers that might not be present if they were driving other vehicles. Of course, these aren’t the only kinds of accidents that can take place between trucks and other vehicles.

When driving a truck, people often do so in a way that makes them seem like they have more control than they actually do. However, this is not the case when it comes to trucks and other vehicles on the road. And because of this, drivers can easily get into accidents with them if they aren’t careful. When driving a truck, make sure that you always pay attention to where you are and what is around you when you enter traffic. Here are the types of truck accidents to watch out for.


  1. Rollover Accidents:

If a trucker is not driving in the proper lane, or if they are driving too fast for the road, they can easily cause a rollover accident. A rollover is when the vehicle turns upside-down and continues to drive so that its wheels are facing upwards. When this happens, the vehicle must come to a stop because it is no longer functional. If you are driving behind such a vehicle and it begins to roll over, you should immediately apply your brakes so that you do not crash into it.


  1. Jackknife Accidents:

A jackknife is a type of accident that occurs when you suddenly turn a vehicle over because you did not take the time to check your mirrors before turning or swerving. This kind of accident can occur because you hit another car or truck or because of some other reason, like a road hazard. If you see another vehicle suddenly make aggressive turns in front of your truck, it is probably trying to get out of an accident that they were in.


  1. Wide Turn or “Squeeze Play” Accidents:

Any vehicle can be a hazard in the wrong set of circumstances. If a trucker’s load is unstable, for example, they could suddenly dump cargo on the road and cause an accident. This kind of accident is called a “Wide Turn” or “Squeeze Play” because it can happen if other vehicles suddenly break. This type of accident can make backing up very dangerous because you may not be able to see around your large vehicle easily.


  1. Underride Accidents:

If you are driving a tall vehicle, it is important that you remember what is around you. Any vehicle that is shorter than yours may not be visible to you, and it could get crushed in an accident. When you see another truck or RV on the road, check your side mirrors and your blind spots to make sure they aren’t suddenly making a turn in front of you. If they aren’t, you may be able to avoid their vehicle if you continue on your path.


  1. T-Bone Accidents:

A “T-Bone” is a type of accident that occurs while two vehicles are turning at the same time and hit head-on. This accident can also occur when you have a large truck or trailer in front of you. Many times, these accidents happen because the driver(s) of the larger vehicle assumes that all other vehicles on the road are smaller than theirs. Often, people do not pay attention to things like vehicle height and speed when they are driving, which can cause an accident such as this.


  1. Blind Spot Accidents:

When trying to back up or park a large vehicle, it is easy for the driver not to realize that there are other vehicles on the road. These trucks have blind spots that allow people outside of their field of vision to drive by and hit them without them even realizing it. If you see a truck backing up on the road, make sure that you slowly reverse until they complete their task.


  1. Truck Tire Blowouts:

In order to make sure that they are safe, truckers must check their tires often. If they do not do this and a tire breaks while on the road, the vehicle can swerve, lose control, or even topple over. In some cases, a tire blowout accident can cause other vehicles to crash into each other as well. This is why you should always be aware of the condition of your tires and contact your mechanic if you notice any problems.


  1. Rear-End Truck Accidents:

When you are driving in traffic and make a sudden turn, you may not be able to see ahead of time everything that is coming up on your vehicle. This can cause accidents. For example, if a truck is behind you and makes a sudden turn without signaling (because the driver is surprised or does not know about the off-ramps), they could easily hit your vehicle. If you notice this happening to you, do not swerve suddenly, as this could cause an accident with another car or truck on the road.


  1. Head-On Truck Accidents:

The worst kind of truck accident can be a head-on collision, which is when you and another vehicle are side-by-side while both drivers look forward. If you fail to check your mirrors or you don’t see something, this can happen. To avoid these kinds of accidents, you must always be aware of what is around you and how other vehicles are driving on the road in order to prevent such accidents from ever happening.


  1. Brake Failure Accidents:

If you are driving a truck and you hear an unusual noise coming from your brakes, it could be that they have failed and cannot be used. When this happens, you need to stop quickly so that you do not lose control of the vehicle. This can cause an accident because the vehicle will continue to accelerate or turn to the side as it moves, causing damage to other vehicles or people on the road. If you notice this happening to you, stop as soon as possible.


In Conclusion:

If you are involved in a truck accident, it is important to know how to contact the proper authorities. The police will not be able to handle large trucks that are involved in accidents, so this is not the best first step. Instead, if you have been injured in a truck accident, contact an independent truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you get compensation for medical expenses and other related damages.


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