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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Let’s be real: finding a unique, fun birthday gift for the men in your life can be downright difficult! Whether you are shopping for your dad, brother, boyfriend, friend, or otherwise, there’s a lot to take into consideration when you are buying him a birthday gift. Of course, you want to be sure that he is going to absolutely adore it, not to mention that he won’t already have it.

Your best bet to find a gift that you can be sure he is going to love opening as much as you enjoy gifting is to go off the beaten path. Stay away from basics that he’s received as a present a million times before, and get something really meaningful. Of course, that can certainly be easier said than done.

If you are on the search for the perfect, unique birthday gift to get him, look no further. This compilation of gift ideas will help you select a present that will make the guy in your life smile the second he opens it.

Why Choose A Unique Birthday Gift?

Of course, it’s tempting to get someone a gift that they’ve gotten before, such as a gift card to a restaurant they enjoy. But it’s so much more personal when you take the time to really think about what you are getting the special man that is in your life.

Another reason to get a unique birthday gift is because every time that he sees it or uses it, he will think of you and the thoughtful, sweet gift that you gave. This will inevitably bring a smile to his face, especially if you give him a Patek Philippe wristwatch that symbolizes how special he is in your life and how you enjoy time with him. This kind of unique gift would surely mark his mind.

Lastly, no one likes a gift repeat! To make sure that you do not get him something that another friend, family member, or loved one has got him for his birthday, you will have to think outside the box. This will make the gift all the more special. We know that if you get something from this gift guide, the guy in your life will be thankful and happy with their gift.

You might be wondering what a unique birthday gift consists of. Luckily, we have several ideas. You can gift each of these alone, or you can combine them with other items on this list for a really meaningful present. Happy gifting!


For The Food Lover: Carolina Barbecue Sauce

If the guy in your life loves to eat, getting him some Carolina Barbecue Sauce is the perfect gift. Bonus: this gift is small enough to be an addition to another purchase, but fun enough to stand on its own. Toss a bow on this barbecue sauce and ta-da! You’ve got a wonderful birthday gift.

Not only is the packaging super visually appealing, the product tastes just as good as it looks from the outside. Talk about a win-win. This sauce was crafted to honor beloved Western Carolina barbecue traditions, and is equal parts tangy and balanced. And bonus points: you can also get it auto-shipped so that the guy in your life can enjoy this sauce all year!

This product pairs exceptionally well with brisket, smoked chicken, or pulled pork. Another option is to put it on cocktail meatballs and dogs, or even southwest salad. The possibilities are truly limitless.


For The Athletic Guy: Oliver’s Performance Apparel

If the guy that you are shopping for is athletic and enjoys working out, look no further than Oliver’s Performance Apparel for men. This will be the perfect gift because you’re buying him clothes that he will wear and enjoy time and time again.

These clothes are special because they look great and they’re comfortable, too. Oliver’s offers performance apparel for the conscious athlete in your life, so if the guy that you are shopping for falls into that category, you’re in luck.

Oliver’s offers a range of apparel which means that you can mix and match your gift. Gift just one piece of apparel or gift several, you can rest assured that the guy in your life will get good use out of them.

These pieces are more than just normal athletic apparel; they are also staples that were reimagined for the 21st century. Think of Oliver’s as instant classics that are comfortable and trendy, too.


For The Hip Guy: Hip Hop Jewelry

If the man in your life has been spotted sporting jewelry before and is an overall trendsetter, you should look into hip hop jewelry. This will be the perfect gift, and it’s really unique, too.

With a wide array of bracelets, pendants, watches, and necklaces available, the opportunities to choose the perfect gift for him are truly unlimited. You can purchase more than one piece of jewelry and create an excellent gift set, or you could stick with one–either would be perfect for a great birthday gift.

Not only are these products exceptionally high-quality, they are special; every time that this special man looks at his jewelry, he will think of your thoughtful gift. With so many options, there is something that the hip guy in your life will absolutely love.


For The Travel Lover: Make Memories

For the person who loves travel there’s nothing better than gifting a way to preserve those all-important memories. You can collate all the best pictures from their travels into a picture book and gift it to them as a present. It can be pretty hard figuring out which are the best photos to put into a high-quality picture book. Just pick the ones they like best, or ones that best showcase their adventures. The pictures are far better in physical copy than they are on social media. The recipient will be able to just flick through them whenever they want to. The colors will really spark to life in a photo book. It also makes for a personal gift, one that’s evident you’ve spend a lot of time putting together. It’s a gift that shows you’ve put a lot of thought into, while still being personal. Everyone who travels loves to remember their trip, so giving them that as a gift will always go down well.


For The Dog Lover: A Dog Portrait

You’ve heard the saying that dogs are man’s best friend. If that holds true for the guy in your life that you are shopping for, buying him a dog portrait as a birthday gift could be a truly fabulous idea. Not only is it unique, seeing a picture of his furry friend is sure to put a massive smile on his face.

These dog portraits come in a variety of different options, so you can buy your guy a portrait on a phone case, poster, blanket, mug…the list goes on and on. The options really are limitless. You can even get more than one product for your guy so that everywhere he looks he sees portraits of his favorite pooch.

One of the best parts about this gift is that the process is really simple. The first thing that you do is choose the costume that you want the dog to be wearing in the portrait. There are over 150 options, and they’re all highly unique. Look for one that expresses his pet’s personality, and then proceed.

Once you have done that, it is time for the next step. This is uploading a picture of his pet. You can select one from social media, so it is really easy to complete this step. Finally, it is time to place your order in. And that is it! Your art will be able to be previewed in two to three days. Now, you will preview the portrait, request edits to be made if necessary, and approve for printing.

Happy Gifting!

If you follow this guide, you can rest assured that the special guy in your life is going to absolutely love the present that you give him for his birthday. One of the reasons that birthday gift giving is so exciting is because it’s an opportunity to show someone that they are important to you. Any one of these gifts will help you say that–and we know that he will think so too.

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