What Does 0 MG Mean in Vape Juice?

Have you found an unusual e-liquid while browsing the clearance rack at your favorite vape shop? If so, it’s likely that you saw the marking “0 mg” on the e-liquid’s label. When an e-liquid’s label has “0 mg” printed on it, it means that the bottle contains no nicotine. Since most of the people who vape do it to replace the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes, nicotine-free e-liquid is often what you’ll find on a vape shop’s sale rack because it’s always the slowest-selling vape juice. Nevertheless, although 0 mg vape juice is never a fast seller, there is a certain level of demand for it because it has unique benefits that you won’t get with any other type of e-liquid.

So, what is the purpose of 0 mg vape juice, and is it actually something that you should consider buying? In this article, we’re going to answer those questions and help you make a more informed decision when you shop for e-liquid. First, though, what does an e-liquid’s nicotine strength actually mean?

What Does an E-Liquid’s Nicotine Strength Mean?

When you shop for vape juice, the nicotine strength is possibly the most important thing that you need to know before you make your buying decision. You’re most likely vaping as an alternative to cigarette smoking, and it’s important for your e-liquid to be as satisfying as a cigarette if you’re going to have a good experience and stay away from tobacco.

An e-liquid’s nicotine strength is usually stated in terms of the number of milligrams per milliliter of liquid. An e-liquid with “3 mg” on the label, for instance, has a strength of 3 mg/ml or 3 milligrams per milliliter of vape juice. That’s considered a relatively low strength. On the high end, a vape juice may have a strength as high as 50 mg/ml.

It’s also possible to state an e-liquid’s nicotine strength as a percentage. A nicotine strength of 3 mg/ml can also be stated as 0.3%, and an e-liquid with a strength of 50 mg/ml can also be stated as 5%. Any nicotine strength can be satisfying as long as you’re using the appropriate vaping hardware for that strength. Smaller vaping devices require higher nicotine strengths.

How Much Nicotine Does E-Liquid Usually Contain?

The most common nicotine strengths are 3 mg/ml and 50 mg/ml. Although there’s a very big difference between those two strengths, the reason for the difference is that people who use those two strengths use very different types of vaping hardware. On one end of the spectrum, small devices like disposable vapes and pod-based devices are very popular – and a small device requires a high nicotine strength in order to produce a satisfying experience. On the other end of the spectrum, powerful vape mods are also very popular. A device that produces enormous clouds needs an e-liquid with a low strength.

Does Nicotine-Free Vape Juice Have Any Uses or Benefits?

Let’s return to the core topic of this article. Why does 0 mg vape juice exist if most people vape for the nicotine? The answer is that nicotine-free e-liquid is more popular than you might think. For example, the lowest nicotine strength available from most e-liquid companies is 3 mg/ml. What would you do if you wanted to use a lower nicotine strength than that but didn’t want to stop using nicotine? The answer is that you’d need to buy a nicotine-free e-liquid and mix it with an e-liquid containing nicotine to create a lower strength yourself.

For some people, nicotine-free e-liquid has an even bigger purpose because it enables them to cut down on their nicotine intake and eventually stop using nicotine entirely. If you’re able to give up nicotine, you can just vape for the flavor because you’ll no longer be addicted. You could even quit vaping if you wanted to.

Another reason why people buy nicotine-free e-liquid is because, as we just mentioned, it’s always the first nicotine strength to go on sale at vape shops. If you’re interested in trying a particular flavor but don’t want to spend a lot of money, checking the sale rack at your local vape shop is a great way to do that.

What Types of Vaping Devices Work Best with 0 MG Vape Juice?

When you use a nicotine-free vape juice, you won’t experience the “throat hit” that you’d get with an e-liquid containing nicotine. In fact, unless you’re using an e-liquid with a large amount of menthol, you might feel almost as if you’re inhaling nothing at all. That can feel a little disconcerting if you’re used to using nicotine. One way to get around this problem is by using a menthol e-liquid. That way, you’ll still feel something in your throat when you inhale the vapor.

The other way to ensure that you’ll have a satisfying experience with nicotine-free e-liquid is by using a vaping device that produces very large clouds. If you want to use a 0 mg vape juice, you’ll usually have the best experience with a full-sized vape mod and a large sub-ohm tank.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy 0 MG Vape Juice?

In most jurisdictions, you need to be old enough to smoke in order to buy any vaping product – even if it contains no nicotine. In the United States, for instance, it is illegal to buy vape juice if you’re under the age of 21. The minimum age to buy vaping products may differ in other nations.

Is It Safe to Vape 0 MG Vape Juice?

Some people who are curious about vaping may wonder if it’s safe to vape nicotine-free e-liquid, perhaps just for the enjoyment of the flavor or to help keep away from fattening snacks. The answer is that although vaping is thought by most experts to be less risky than smoking, it definitely isn’t completely free of potential harm. Vaping is intended only as an alternative to tobacco for adult smokers who can’t or won’t quit. If you’re not already a nicotine user, you shouldn’t vape.

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