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What Makes the Hermès Kelly so Desirable?

Hermès is recognised as one of the world’s most iconic, sought after, luxury brands. 

With bag collections which include the Birkin and the Kelly, Hermès is more than just a product to buy – it’s a way of life, and a brand name that excites handbag enthusiasts and investment buyers alike.

Why? Because, as any Hermès bag owner will know, the value of an authentic Hermès bag only increases when you leave the store.

In this blog, we’re looking specifically at the Hermès Kelly, its history and what makes it so desirable. But if there’s one thing you should know before we dive into the story behind this specific collection, it’s that Hermès as a brand is notorious as a symbol of status and wealth.

The Story Behind the Hermès Kelly

The Kelly and the Birkin are arguably on par when it comes to which bag is more famous and more desirable. However, if anything we would argue that the Kelly bag is more timeless in both its design and in the story behind its release.

The Kelly bag was not always called the Kelly – in fact, it was originally released in 1930 as the Sac a Dépêches bag which, in itself, was revolutionary in design. It is believed that this bag was the first modern handbag of its time, boasting the trapezoid shape and larger size which made it infinitely more practical than the smaller purses of before.

However, the bag did not really become a prominent feature on the market, or a must-have accessory, until 1956 when Grace Kelly used the bag to hide her pregnancy bump from the world at a premiere she attended. The bag became such an overnight staple that Hermès subsequently renamed the bag after the actress and Princess of Monaco – transforming it into the Kelly that we know and love today. 

Why is the Kelly Bag so Desirable?

There are a number of things that make the Kelly bag so sought after and desirable. 

  • The story behind it and the bag’s connection with figures of influence (including being used and referenced in modern films)
  • The design quality and craftsmanship of the bag
  • The exclusivity and scarcity of every new release and model

Hermès is renowned for never mass producing any of its bags – and the Kelly is no different. It is believed that each Kelly bag requires between 18 and 25 hours of work from an individual artisan craftsman, with the seams completely handstitched and only the finest materials used. This means that each bag is considered a piece of art – something that has taken extensive time and effort to produce, and which cannot be replicated to the same standard via any other method. 

Of course, various features including colour, material, size, year, hardware, and condition all contribute towards the resale cost and overall value of each Kelly bag. However, with the right treatment and care, an original and authentic Hermès Kelly bag can fetch a considerable uplift in its value with each sale.

Is a Hermès Kelly a Good Investment?

With all that in mind, it’s safe to say that the Kelly bag is a sought after and highly desirable bag across most luxury markets. But is it a good investment?

When you purchase a Hermès Kelly, you are buying a piece of history from one of the world’s most renowned and iconic brands. Whether you choose a vintage piece or one of the brand’s more modern releases, the incredible attention to detail and the quality behind every component of the bag remains the same. 

This creates a standard which gives every Hermès Kelly an enviable presence on the market. Whether you are an accessory lover or an investment buyer, the scarcity of each collection and the exceptional demand which surrounds every Kelly bag on the market means that demand will always outweigh supply and will support the rising value of an authentic piece.

Provided you buy a Hermès Kelly from a reputable reseller with access to official valuation checks and all the relevant certificates of authenticity, then the investment potential can be huge. 

Unlock the power of owning your own Hermès Kelly, with the help of your local boutique reseller.

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