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Which Londoner Are You? District Personality Types

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Whether you’re looking to move to London or simply curious about what different areas you should visit next time you’re in town, understanding the personality types and where they live is a great way to ensure that you have a wonderful time with like-minded individuals.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common personality types you’ll come across, the areas they like to hang out in, as well as some of the famous faces that you may catch a glimpse of in the area.

Remember, this is not entirely serious, but we’re interested to know which one you are?


Are You a Hipster or a Gamer?

Hoxton and Shoreditch

Shoreditch is a beautiful location full of stylish pop-ups and street food markets, and despite its hipster reputation, it attracts a diverse mix of visitors and residents.

Want to mix with the cool kids? What type of gamer are you? Gamers of all kinds hang out in Hoxton. Players and creatives alike live and work in the area.


Are You a Night Owl Fashion-lover?

Soho and Mayfair

Soho is an area filled with trendy restaurants, bars, and plenty of lesser-known boutiques and quirky shops as well as popular chain stores. Take a short walk in either direction, and you’ll find plenty of nooks to explore. Both Chinatown and the West End are right around the corner, making for a great day out.

The type of personality you’re most likely to find around here includes anyone that enjoys spending time at the theatre or someone with interest in lively nightlife. While walking the streets, you’ll notice the loud and unusual fashion choices since the area is so well known for its shopping scene.

Soho and Mayfair are home to some popular celeb bars and clubs, including the well-known Mahiki and The Groucho. Hang around here, and you might be lucky enough to spot a wandering a-list theatre performer or tabloid victim.


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Are You a Big Spender?

Covent Garden

Around every corner, you’ll most likely come across an impressive fountain, trendy store, or narrow alleyway filled with little boutiques and galleries.

The type of personality you’ll most likely bump into while exploring this famous area in the City are those who enjoy being at the centre of all the hustle and bustle. The people who hang around Covent Garden are also the sort that isn’t afraid of picking a restaurant based on how the food looks, not the price tag.

Covent Garden is home to quite a few celeb watering holes inducing The Ivy, which has seen the likes of Elton John, Kate Moss, Tom Cruise, and the Beckhams.


Are You a Member of the Royal Family or a Multi-millionaire?

Kensington and Knightsbridge

Kensington and Knightsbridge are known as the elegant side of London and the place to go if you’re looking for some luxury brand shopping. Here you’ll find Harrods and Harvey Nichols stores as well as the well-known Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens where the late Princess Diana and other members of the royal family spent their time.

This is the locale for those who enjoy the finer things in life and aren’t afraid to spend money to get them. The clothing style in the area tends to be more designer and less Primark, so make sure you’ve brought your credit card if you plan on mixing with the Kensington folk.

The list of celebs that inhabit the area is quite long and impressive. From the likes of expert guitarist Eric Clapton to billionaires such as Sir Richard Branson (when he’s not living on his private island), you’re bound to run into somebody famous if you hang around long enough.


Are You a William Thacker?

Notting Hill

Besides featuring and inspiring the names of well-known movies, Notting Hill is home to many charming neighbourhoods sporting pretty pastel houses, great cafes, and even better book shops where you can imagine yours in an Anna Scott fantasy. Stick around for the weekends and wander the lovely Portobello road market.

Are you a dorky book shop owner who recently suffered a messy divorce? The type of people you’ll find here tends to be less Anna Scott and more Robbie Williams. The everyday folk you’ll come across here have been cut from more eclectic, unique cloth and enjoy a sense of community.

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Are You a Well-known Artist?


This wealthy London neighbourhood features many beautiful white pillared homes, shops, and fancy restaurants. Home to the Saatchi gallery and its owner, you’ll find that the area is quite well looked after and upper-class.

The personality types you’ll meet here are the more arty type and those who enjoy being classed above the rest of London. If exclusivity and overpriced coffees are on your must-have list, you’ll fit right in.


Are You a History Student?


Westminster is packed to the brim with sites for you to see. From Westminster Abbey to Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, and the National Portrait Gallery, you’re spoiled when deciding what to visit next.

Here, you’ll find those who enjoy being a tourist in their own country, politicians, and many history students.

If you take a chance, you might spot the infamous Boris Johnson and his clan. Hang around 10 Downing Street on one of his announcement days, and you’ll be able to snap a pic of the man himself.


Are You a Boho-Loving Hipster?


Camden is known as the “anything goes” neighbourhood when it comes to fashion. Here you’ll find the likes of Regent’s Park, the London Zoo, and Primrose Hill. Camden Market is a popular sport all days of the week and features multiple pop-up shops and food stalls.

The locals who hang around the area are the young, artsy, and bohemian sort and students enjoying the nightlife and club scene.

Known as the late Amy Winehouse’s stomping ground, Camden has seen its fair share of well-known musicians and artists over the years in the various clubs and galleries.


So, where do you fit in best? Or are you someone that would fit in everywhere that you go? London is the best place to go if you’re looking to find yourself and your tribe.


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