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Why Are Slavic Women So Beautiful and Gorgeous?

For centuries, finding a gorgeous Slavic mail order bride has been the dream of countless Western men. Known for their natural beauty, soft features, delicate skin, and flowing blonde hair, as well as traditional values and closeness to nature, Slavic girls are up there with Asian and Latina girls as the trifecta of the most desirable women in the world.

However, what is it that makes Slavic women so beautiful? Especially compared to other European ethnicities, why do Slavic girls stand out so much?

Genetics Play Their Role

By definition, the appearance of an ethnic group of people is largely tied up to their genetics. That’s what “an ethnicity” is, after all, a genetically similar group of people. The Slavic people are one of the older ethnicities in Europe after the Thracians, Greeks, Goths, and a few others. They appeared in the eastern parts of the continent around the 5th century AD, although historians are still arguing to this day about where exactly they came from.

Wherever they came from, once they settled in Europe, they formed countless decentralized tribes. Historically, they can roughly be categorized into three groups – Southern Slavs (in and around the Balkans), Western Slaves (north of the Balkans and as far west as central Germany), and Eastern Slavs – mostly Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. The dividing line between Eastern and Western Slavs is between Poland and Belarus, as Poles are Western Slavs.

When people talk about Slavic people today, they usually talk about Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians. This often irritates Western and Southern Slavs, but there are two primary reasons for this: 1) for various historical reasons, Eastern Slavs aren’t as ethnically mixed with other ethnicities (more on that below), and 2) most Western and Southern Slavs are divided into dozens of different countries whereas Russia and Ukraine are the two largest countries by population in the Slavic world as well as the two largest European countries by territory.

So, Eastern Slavic people today have the most distinct and preserved “Slavic look” – blonde hair, light eyes, and fair skin.

Many Slavic girls aren’t 100% Slavic either – and that’s also a good thing

Going off from the above point, most modern-day Slavic people aren’t 100% Slavic genetically. For example, modern-day ethnic Bulgarians, who are historically and culturally a Southern Slavic ethnicity, aren’t actually Slavic genetically, at least not predominantly so. Different studies have been done on this, all with somewhat varying results. Still, the rough estimate most studies arrive at is that the genetics of modern-day Bulgarians are ~40% Thracian, ~20% Slavic, ~7-8% Proto-Bulgarians, and ~33% a mix of several dozen other ethnicities (Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Jewish, Roma, Nordic, Italian, etc.)

So, suppose you’re chatting with a Slavic mail order bride from Bulgaria. In that case, you can note that she is still “Slavic” culturally and she speaks a Slavic language. In fact, the Cyrillic alphabet shared by most Slavic countries was made in Bulgaria. And, that girl does have a sizable portion of Southern Slav ancestry, but she’s really more “broadly European” than “Slavic.”

The same applies to varying degrees to virtually all modern-day Slavic ethnicities, as Eastern Europe is the crossroads between two continents and has seen countless ethnic migrations over the millennia. Even modern-day Russians and Ukrainians – the two largest Slavic countries – include numerous different ethnicities, many of which are mixed in the Slavic gene pools.

Here’s the thing, however – that’s not really a “bad thing” – as studies have shown, multiracial people (of any combination of races or ethnicities) are perceived as more beautiful than the more “pure” races because of a genetic process called heterosis or hybrid vigor, which effectively means that the offspring of numerous different peoples has a greater genetic fitness.

So, in a way, Slavic people today – while different genetically from the Slavs of old – are perceived to be more beautiful than many other ethnicities precisely because they are not purely Slavic anymore.

Slavic culture plays a huge role too

Genetics aren’t the end all be all of looks. On your online quest to find a beautiful Slavic mail order bride, you will also notice that Slavic women have a different culture from most other European women when it comes to their looks. Obviously, women and men from any ethnicity try to look good whenever and however they can. However, put an extra emphasis on the flare and detail of their appearance.

To a lot of Slavic girls, looks aren’t just about meeting a certain acceptable standard, but about standing out and impressing those around you. So, when you look around or browse online for a Slavic girl to date, or you look for a Slavic bride from legit mail order bride sites recommended by BridesUniverse, for example, it’s only natural that a lot of the girls there stand out compared to anything else you’ve seen before.

Many Slavic women make it a point to use as many truly natural cosmetic products as possible

Slavic people, as a whole, have a lot of healthy distrust of large cosmetic conglomerates. Instead, Slavic traditions focus much more on natural remedies, healthy homegrown foods, and an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. Needless to say, this has a lot of health benefits, but it also affects a person’s looks.

Of course, the more modernized Eastern Europe has become in the last few decades, the more that has started to change. For better or for worse, modern urban centers in Eastern Europe now look exactly like those in the West, and so do their stores and cosmetics.

What’s more, it’s been known for years that many Western cosmetics, body care, and other brands are selling inferior quality goods in Eastern Europe in order to cut corners. This means that not only are more and more Slavic girls starting to use the same types of cosmetics, skincare, and healthcare products as Western women but they are forced to use inferior quality products sold under the same labels. This has taken its toll on the skin health and appearance of many otherwise gorgeous Slavic women.

Still, smart Slavic women know which products to use and which to avoid. There remains a sizable portion of Slavic girls who make sure to use quality natural products rather than the packaged chemical waste sold in many drugstores.

Lastly, beauty being in the eye of the beholder is also true

This should go without saying, but there are gorgeous women in every country and of every ethnicity. More than that, different people have different preferences when it comes to appearances – many love Western European women, others love Asian ladies, others go wild for Latinas, others still are enamored by the mysticism of Middle Eastern and Arab beauties, and lots of others are gripped by the ebony beauty of African women.

So, Slavic women have their unique features and looks too, and they are gorgeous in a very special way that’s a combination of genetics and culture. Yet, another big part of why many people idolize Slavic girls over the many other beauties in the world is in and of itself cultural.

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