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Why do Overseas Pakistanis need to prioritize the renewal of their NICOP?

Renewing the NICOP is critical for the millions of Pakistanis residing abroad for a variety of reasons. It is an important form of legal identity for Pakistanis living abroad. It certifies their identification while also confirming their Pakistani nationality. This paperwork is required to reside abroad. It assures access to Pakistani government-provided critical services and benefits. Without a valid NICOP overseas Pakistanis may find it difficult to access these services.


Residents of Pakistan living abroad, especially those wishing to work abroad, can apply for the NICOP. Dual nationals may also apply if the Pakistani government and their other country of citizenship have a dual nationality agreement in place. Furthermore, parents of children born outside Pakistan can apply for NICOP in their native country by providing their children’s passport information. Eligibility for NICOP requires completing the requirements provided by, which includes supplying the relevant papers and undertaking verification processes. Prospective candidates may consult NADRA for more information on the precise qualifying conditions.

What can We do to support you?

People who live in another nation may need to make an urgent visit to their relatives. We provide urgent (NICOP) NADRA Card Renewal online services to ease their concerns. You will have your NICOP card within 24 hours. NADRA Card Center offers NICOP Cards for those living abroad. Our executive services will deliver your card within 7-10 business days, while our normal service will take 30-45 business days.

How Much Time You Need to Wait?

Our devoted team is dedicated to exceeding customer’s expectations by providing timely and secure solutions via inventive, thorough, and caring efforts. To ensure our client’s continued support, we guarantee round-the-clock availability and persistent attention, including weekends. Our major goal is to assure the complete satisfaction of our valued clients by offering effective, fast, and professional services. We take pleasure in the great reviews we’ve gotten for our quick and efficient services. In circumstances where accelerated delivery is necessary, we provide the option of having a NICOP sent straight to your doorstep via your preferred service. If you choose to have normal delivery you can have your NICOP in 31 days. Choosing urgent delivery decreases the processing time to 23 days, resulting in a faster turnaround for your NICOP card. We are dedicated to ensuring that your NICOP is delivered quickly and efficiently to suit your requirements.


To summarize, the renewal of the NICOP is critical for Pakistanis living overseas since it acts as a fundamental form of legal identity and confirmation of Pakistani citizenship. Access to important services and benefits offered by the Pakistani government is based on having a valid NICOP, making its renewal mandatory for foreign Pakistanis. Our services at NADRA Card Center are designed to help clients receive their NICOP quickly and effectively, with both urgent and executive delivery options available to meet their needs. With our committed team’s commitment to providing timely and secure solutions, we ensure that our clients receive their NICOPs on time, resulting in their happiness and peace of mind.

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