Why is Captain’s Party Boat the Ideal Venue for Your Next Corporate Event in Split

Teambuilding’s important – everyone who’s ever had to work in a group knows that. Teams don’t magically appear overnight, you have to build the relationship between your team members for the team to be functional. This is something you can’t do in professional settings, i.e. in the office during work time. Because of this and many other reasons, people book group activities for their team or whole company.

Some of these activities are more successful than others, but you can be assured that a unique and memorable experience brings everyone together. That’s why you should choose the Captain’s Boat Party for your next corporate event or team-building session. This is a unique experience in Split, Croatia which will definitely bring your employees together and they’ll have the best vacation ever.

Why should you book a party boat for your next corporate event in Split?

Work parties often take place in the actual work building or in regular boring spaces that are only used for these kinds of events. By transferring your corporate event to a more special place, preferably one that you’re employees don’t have to visit every day, you’ll be making this event ten times better than the rest. Whether you’re looking for a party venue after a congress or a team-building activity, boat parties are a great option.

Firstly, they’re superior to the regular parties everyone’s used to because they’re new and fresh. A lot of people have never actually been on a real boat party so they’ll be excited even before they figure out all the benefits.

There’s so much to do at a boat party, too. As usual, you can drink and dance, but once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can take a swim or sunbathe too. This gives enough options for everyone involved and guarantees an inclusive experience.

What do you get by choosing Party Boat as your next corporate event venue in Split?

This amazing boat tour starts in the famous Croatian city of Split so it allows you to explore the historical city. You can start the party on the boat or have pre-drinks in a bar for the best experience. The actual tour takes up to 150 people so you can get it exclusively for your company if you book in advance.

Once you arrive on the boat, you’ll be welcomed by international DJs, amazing music and a wide offer of ideal summer drinks. The ride has one stop, in the Blue Lagoon where all of your team members can go swimming and snorkelling or keep partying on the boat. After 5 hours of fun, you’ll return to Split and get the best sunset view of the city and its Riviera. However, the party doesn’t have to end there – continue to club Vanilla for the best finish of your corporate event. This is the kind of corporate event people actually enjoy going to.

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