Why online gaming makes for an excellent social experience

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Gaming has become about more than playing your favorite titles, as huge numbers of people now use their consoles to keep in touch and make new friends.

In response, key platforms such as Steam on the PC, along with the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are creating features to enhance the social aspect of gameplay. By using tools like voice chat, gamers can speak with a single friend, but adding other people to the conversation is easy in sharing mode.


It’s like a global party

Using your console as a networking device makes it possible to play the same game as your friends or enjoy a different title while you’re chatting. You can watch each other’s progress in a game and even give a few tips, assuming your comments would be welcome! Alternatively, if you’re feeling tired or you just want to occasionally chat while studying, you can speak through voice chat without having to play. Gaming offers connectivity that unites people in different towns, countries and continents. Wherever you are in the world, it collapses the distance in between, so you feel like you’re sitting together in the same space.


In-game chat is filtered

For younger people, in-game chat can feel like a safer option than voice chat, which is virtually unrestricted. In-game chat has a series of filters that target swearing and various types of spam. This prevents a minority of gamers from spoiling the experience for others by constantly using profanity or repeatedly sending nonsense messages. Blocks last for 30 seconds or more, but the player can still join in with the game. This also means that friends who want to chat in-game can do so without constant interruptions.


Friends share tips

Once you’ve befriended other gamers, they’ll give you the low-down on their favorite ways to play. Their honest recommendations can be much more helpful than official reviews, because your friends know your strengths and what you like to play. For casino regulars, this could include sharing advice on the most exhilarating slots and reassuringly generous odds. If you’re looking for a fun game that boasts a high payout percentage, visit the Cash Truck RTP review at Quickspin Casinos. There are plenty of other slot games and promotions to browse through, along with an informative blog and guides on getting the best bonuses around.


Discord has added versatility

Serious players have often felt let down by lag during in-game chats, and as a result, they’ve turned to third-party providers. Discord is one of the most popular options because it is fast and efficient, but it also leaves players free to switch between characters and consoles while they chat. This is an ideal way to stay in touch for people who want to interact with friends in a safe space, and away from other gamers. Chat rooms can be created for free and players are able to navigate between them easily, a feature that perfectly suits the way modern gamers want to communicate.

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