10 Best Gifts for Her This Holiday Season

You may be scouring the web in search of the perfect gift for your special woman this holiday season.

We have put together a list of the 10 best gifts for your mom, grandmother, sister, or partner to make the process a bit easier. Let’s dive in!


1. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts for women, and it’s no wonder why. Some of the most popular gifts for her are timeless rings, necklaces, or bracelets that make a unique statement that fits their personality and style. Honor her with a cherished and timeless gift she can have for decades.


2. A Journal

This is a great gift for every woman no matter her age. Journaling can be an outlet for many different types of people. Get a personalized one that fits her passion like learning self-love, growing her business, or achieving new physical health goals. Throw in some fancy pens and accessories as an added gift.


3. Go Green

This year, go green with a variety of sustainable beauty products. Find companies who use recycled containers or don’t test on animals. Look for products that are all organic and don’t have added chemicals in them. She’ll be excited to try out her new eco-friendly beauty regimen knowing she’s helping the environment, too.


4. Subscription Box

These are some of the most fun and unique gifts to get someone. Think about what she likes most. Maybe she is an avid reader or loves to go camping. Find a subscription that tailors to her and get her set up for the year. Each month, she’ll have a new gift from you arriving at her door.


5. Creative Photo Collage

Photos are always a great go-to for any stocking stuffer. You can take precious memories of the two of you together throughout time and turn them into a creative collage. Get a decorative large frame so she can hang it up somewhere in the home for her to enjoy all year round.


6. Gift Card to Their Favorite Clothing Store 

If you have a woman in your life who has a love of fashion but you’re not sure what to get her, you can always opt-in for a gift card. Go to a few of her favorite clothing stores so she has multiple places to choose from. That way, she’ll see how much you know about her and the places she loves to shop.


7. Pet Portraits

If you’re on the hunt for a gift idea that is sentimental with a hint of humor for a pet lover, a pet portrait might be the perfect fit. Artists on various sites like Etsy will take a picture of your partner’s pet and create a fun portrait. Have the artist make their dog do a silly activity or get her cat dancing on Broadway. The possibilities are endless.


8. Temperature-Controlled Coffee Mug

The coffee enthusiast will appreciate this gift. A temperature-controlled mug will charge up its base to keep its liquids warm no matter how long it takes for them to drink it. Fill it with tea, hot chocolate, coffee, or even a hot toddy on a cold winter’s night.


9. Adventure Challenge Date Book

Mixing up date-night after all these years can be tricky. But with the Adventure Challenge book, you’ll have a plethora of fun options to choose from. The book is filled with quirky date ideas but you’ll only know what the dates are until you scratch them off.

Go for the upgraded edition and you’ll get a polaroid camera with film to go with it. You can document every day with a little section to jot down some notes about when you did the date along with a place to put your photo.


10. Give the Gift of Experience

Sometimes the best gifts for women are the ones you can experience together. Instead of unwrapping a new tangible item, give a card that has two plane tickets to a destination you’ve only ever talked about visiting.

If you want to get creative, do an arts and crafts project for an experience “coupon book.” Each coupon can be worth one new experience, like a picnic at the park or a movie night out.

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