14 Tips On How To Wear Perfume (And Make It Last Longer)

Every woman follows a beauty routine, and the final step of this routine is to apply her favorite perfume. There is a dab and a spritz there; the beauty is ready to conquer the world!

The majority don’t even think about the right way to apply the perfume. People assume it’s effortless, but that’s not true at all. Wearing fragrance the right way is a complete science. From spots to spray perfume on to the quantity and even where you keep your favorite perfume bottle, everything impacts the lasting of the scent.

Now that you landed on the right corner of the internet, it’s time to learn some perfume basics. If you are willing to ensure whether or not you’re applying the scents appropriately, continue reading. We have a lot of secret tips below to take you on a brand new lasting fragrance journey you never experienced before.


Let’s dig in!

Apply Immediately After Taking a Shower

Your fragrance will stay all day long when you start the right way. The most noticeable results are when you apply the scent right after taking a shower and drying off. Doing so will lock the notes on your moisturized skin pores.


Before Applying, Make Sure Your Skin Is Hydrated

Nearly all the perfume experts recommend applying a good quality unscented lotion right before you spritz on your favorite fragrance. Kevin Hardy, perfumer and owner of perfume review website heyscent says: “layering perfumes with lotion will boost the longevity and strength” It will moisturize your freshly washed skin and trap the scent better for a long-lasting stay.


Do Not Rub Perfume Directly On Your Skin

Many think dabbing perfume on the wrist and then rubbing the wrists together will do the job better. Well, we all have witnessed this practice since we were kids, right? But let’s break the ice. Rubbing perfume right into your skin is the worst thing to spoil the notes. They will immediately fade and get lost in the air before settling on your skin.


Use On The Pulse Points Of Your Body

Fragrances are reactive toward higher temperatures. Due to this, when you spritz the perfume on your pulse points, the fragrance is well-trapped in your skin and lasts longer.

The right pulse points are the nape of your neck, your wrists, the insides of your elbows, wrists, and the backside of your knees.


On Bare Skin, Spray Or Dab The Perfume

Always keep clothing and other types of fabrics from inhibiting the scent. The perfume mechanics work the best when interacting with your skin’s natural oils and not the fabric. It will also make the perfume last longer.


Apply A Tiny Amount Of Vaseline To The Area

Here’s a pro tip; to make your perfume last even longer, apply some Vaseline, aka petroleum jelly, onto the pulse points discussed above. Vaseline is a typical moisture lock that traps the scent and stays longer.


Spritz Your Hairbrush With Fragrance

Nothing is lovelier than good-smelling hair. You can add extra fragrance to your freshly washed hair by applying the perfume to your hairbrush. Never spray perfume directly on your scalp. It can be dangerous as the alcohol can damage your roots.




After Spritzing, Step Right into Your Perfume

The idea is to diffuse your scent rather than focus it on a single location. This is the key to making your favorite fragrance pleasant but not overbearing. Spray your perfume in the air right before you, then walk directly into it. This will leave a light film on your clothes that will last all day. It will also ensure that you are adequately fragranced without being too strong.


Use Perfumed Items That Go Together

Another fantastic method to get the most out of your scent is to get body washes, lotions, and other items that go with the notes of your perfume. Many well-known companies provide luxury fragrances at a fair price and some complementary goods to their perfumes.


Touch-Up Perfume Cotton Balls

Spritz your perfume on a pair of clean cotton balls, or you can use q-tips too. Now place them in a plastic bag and squeeze out all the air while the balls or q-tips are wet. They should be moist enough for multiple later applications.


Spray Your Clothes If You Want

Adding a little perfume to your clothes is a great way to keep your aroma spreading all day long. You need to make sure it’s not something that will stain (something like silk). This is because fragrance reacts differently with textiles than your skin. Also, it will likely smell lighter or slightly different—but the best thing is, still one of your favorite perfumes.


To Lightly Fragrance Clothing, Line Your Closets With Perfume

You can also get your garments to smell like your distinctive scent if you have one. Allow the smell to permeate the materials by lining your wardrobe with tissue paper or cotton balls that have been spritzed a few times.


Keep Your Perfume Somewhere Cold And Dark

Temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause even the best fragrances to degrade. Keep your perfumes in a cold drawer that is away from direct sunlight. Most probably in the bathroom.


Get The Appropriate Perfume Strength

Some scents will naturally linger longer on the skin and bottle than others. Perfume and cologne are marketed in various strengths, indicating differing fragrance oil to alcohol ratios.


Final Thoughts

Wrapping up the above secrets, the proper application techniques make a big difference. Ensure you are not using volatile perfumes, as their fragrance will expire faster. For example, citrus, green, and flowery scents are more volatile.


Begin by selecting the appropriate perfume as per your requirement and personality. Then keep it properly and avoid doing anything that will cause it to degrade, such as shaking. You’ll get the most out of your trademark aroma if you follow perfume application best practices.




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