Expert Hair Secrets: Here’s What You Need To Do To Maintain Good Hair


Each of us can dream of waking up with Miranda Kerr’s hair.

However, it is far from the truth. Furthermore, if you live in a humid and frizzy climate, managing your hair can be a nightmare. We’ve all spent hours taming our hair with gels, conditioners, and other products.

We live in an era of keratin treatments, blowouts, and rainbow-colored hair.

There’s no denying that all of this has an impact on your hair.

Some of us would rather trade anything than give up our flat iron because we rely on heat tools- that can damage our hair over time.

It’s too late by the time you realize the bald spots from the heat damage!

But we’re here to give you some quick advice.


Wash Your Hair Less

Your first thought might be eww… gross!

However, there is a scientific reason for it. See, water swells the hairs from the inside, and it forces the cuticle to go up, and when that happens repeatedly, what you get is breakage.

So don’t wash your hair more than you need to. You can opt for a two days a week wash routine. If you work out or you get oily scalp- use a dry shampoo. It is a great way to absorb the extra oil without drying out your hair.


Be Sensible About Shampoos

Try being smart with products like shampoos and conditioner bars. Choose products that are not very stripping to your hair.

When you choose products that have parabens and sulfates, they are extremely drying for your hair. We are not saying that you shouldn’t use it. In fact, use sulfate once in a while! Are you shocked?

Well, sulfate-free shampoos can cause build-up in your hair, so using sulfate shampoos sometimes, once every two weeks, will help you release the oil, which is very necessary.


Conditioner Is Not Just An Extra Step

It would help if you made conditioner a mantra in your hair wash routine.

You should remember that a conditioner is not just an extra step but essential for your hair wash routine.

When you wash your hair, you strip your hair of all its oils. So the next step is to apply some hydration to your hair, which can only be done through conditioners.


Protect Your Hair

Heat is the worst thing you can do to your hair, so get the heat-protecting spray. It is not an added expense but is a need if you want to style your hair.

You get heat protectants readily available in the market.

The way to apply it is: grab a section of hair while it’s damp and spritz the section with the heat protector spray.

Next, comb it through to distribute the heat protectant, and then you can go on styling your hair.

There are various heat protectant products in the market but do look for the product that says it can protect your hair up to 450° or more.


Get A Little Creative

Since heat can be so damaging, try something else. You can braid your hair while it is still damp and wake up to beautiful curls in the morning.

However, if your hair is already curly and you want it straight, there is a simple way – get a wig!

Wigs now come in beautiful colors and cuts. They are not anymore made only of synthetic hair but real human hair!

You can even experiment with headband wigs. Maybe, get super long ones if you always wanted long tresses. If you want a choppy short one, you can even get that!

This way, your style is always on point, and you don’t even have to damage your hair. Bingo!



Styling and maintaining your hair isn’t rocket science. It would help if you gave in a little effort and the spirit to want to bring your hair in great shape. With something as small as swapping heat tools, you can achieve great giants.


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