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Calling a spade a spade: in conversation with Jerry Saltz

Long-time standing New York Magazine art critic and Pulitzer Prize-winner Jerry Saltz shares his personal views on art and criticism with 1883 Magazine arts editor. Finding one’s voice can be hard, and in the uncertain journey of self-discovery that is life, the opportunity to develop and express our perspective cannot be taken for granted. Only […]

Art Capital: Art For The Elizabeth Line

With the Elizabeth line due to open in December, the Whitechapel Gallery teams up with Crossrail to present Art Capital. The exhibition – curated by gallery director Iwona Blazwick – brings together nine renowned artists’ preparatory studies for artworks soon to be displayed publicly along the route of London’s newest railway Stretching over 60 miles, the […]

Things to Consider Before Buying Silver Bracelets Online

The influx of fake products in the market makes buying silver bracelets, or any type of jewellery online a significant risk. Bracelets come in different sizes and designs that should be considered before you make a choice based on your preference. Before you invest in any bracelet you see online, you should take note of […]

Which Casino Games Are The Easiest To Win?

When you win in the casino, three things are important: above all, luck, skill and strategy. Depending on whom you talk to about gambling sites, you will find different opinions on the concept of chance and luck of casino games. If you ask a classic gambler, he will tell you that winning depends only on […]

Urban Solid

1883 arts editor sits down for a chat with Milanese duo Urbansolid to discuss their 3D installations taking over east London. In a world gripped by fear and paranoia, art can’t but be political, helping us decipher the complex dynamics of present day society. This is the guiding idea behind the work of Urbansolid, a […]