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A History of Christmas Number 1s…

It’s getting to that time of year once again where we start to think about the songs we’ll be dancing to on Christmas Day. Yes, the illustrious Christmas No. 1 spot is up for grabs and over the years there have been some classics, and some real duds too.   The last two years hasn’t […]

What Makes a Good Diamond?

It is very hard to tell the difference between a good diamond and a bad one. In fact, there are some stones – synthetic moissanite and cubic zirconia are perfect examples – which can be substituted for diamonds fairly easily unless you have an expert jeweler ready to undertake all the necessary tests on your […]

Tailored CBD Strains To Suit Your Needs

  It is amazing how, when you stop to think about, everyone in the world has a unique look, their gene makeup is bespoke, and we are a nation of endless and limitless individualism. This is why when we look for products we like or are manufacturing items for consumers we not only need to […]

Our Top Cat Breed Guide

  In many cases, when adopting or rescuing a new kitten, pet parents aren’t sure of the animal’s breed. There are clues like if it has the size potential for a Maine Coone or is hairless, which can narrow it down to a few breeds, including the Sphinx. The claims indicate that most of the […]