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Our Top Cat Breed Guide

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In many cases, when adopting or rescuing a new kitten, pet parents aren’t sure of the animal’s breed. There are clues like if it has the size potential for a Maine Coone or is hairless, which can narrow it down to a few breeds, including the Sphinx.

The claims indicate that most of the breeds in existence are merely 100 years old or less, keeping them from the status of a “royally ancient” creature. Most are originally domestic except the hybrids bred with wild cats.

There are few known with purebred ancestry because the suggestions dictate the ones that are considered purebred are “invented” by people. For a complete list of known cat breeds, click on . The guideline might help you to identify the kitty you have.


Learning The Breed Of The Cat You Adopted

Breeders create the cat they choose through crossbreeding a particular domestic animal with another. The hope is that the dominant will complement or make the species unique in some way, as is true with the tailless or hairless cats, results of “spontaneous mutation of the genetics.” Read more about mutation of genetics on

Ancestors chose to create a much larger variety of dogs because they required more from them in the way of working to hunt, pull a sled, herd other animals, serve as guard dogs, and much more that needed a broad array of body compositions. Fewer cats were necessary because their sole purpose was to play, bask in the attention, and roam around. Other differences between cats and dogs:


  • Cats on the registry are much younger than dog breeds, with most under 100 years old. Dogs range into the thousands, with many tracing back to as far as the Middle Ages.


  • Humans created dogs years ago as working creatures meant to serve. Cats, on the other hand, are often the ones feeling as though they should receive the service. Most of the human ancestors developed dogs with a specific build for a direct function, such as sled pulling through heavy snow conditions or working a herd through thick grasses.


When you look at the sleek beauty of the Siamese or the mesmerizing blue eyes of a Persian, the only possible purpose for their development over the standard domestic cat is for showcasing.


  • Purebred pups are more abundant than you will find a purebred kitty. The “ASPCA” indicates one of three canines come from breeders with nearly a quarter of puppies from shelters being purebreds while merely 3 percent of kitties adopted come from a breeder.


  • The likelihood of a canine is higher to have ancestry that is purebred as compared to a feline. Because these pups go back for centuries, the chance is significant to find one of these dogs in a shelter situation or rescue, while with a cat, it would be an extraordinarily rare occurrence.


Genetic testing has become vastly popular, mostly with puppies. Still, there is similar testing available for cats that will give you an idea as to the breeds that are comparable genetically to your feline.


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Though there might not be a pedigreed specific breed, there can be close ties to one. Another aspect in favor of knowing a cat’s genetic history is helping to understand what their health future could hold. It will give the vet an idea of what your pet’s medical needs will include. Find out how to choose the ideal cat breed for you by swiping this link.


Final Thought

Most domestic felines populating the shelters or roaming stray on the streets look relatively similar, unfortunately.

It’s challenging when you rescue them to know precisely what kind of genetic makeup your cat carries, but it is essential to learn about it.

The primary reason to find out is so you know whether you have “ancient royalty” before you, but more so that you can properly take care of the animal’s health needs. A vet is more prepared to care for the pet if you can better identify the feline with there being an indication of its background and what type of medical history it’s predisposed to. Pet insurance can help protect you from the burden of such unexpected medical bills so that you can stay focused on helping your pet recover. Sign up for pet insurance that is affordable and with terms of services that are convenient for you, like Bivvy.

If you come upon a simple domestic cat with pure blue eyes, it might have some Siamese ancestry. What a beautiful animal you will enjoy.

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