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Jeffrey James – East London – EP Review

Jeffrey James’ latest EP, East London, dropped February 28th and is now available for your listening pleasure. With a distinctive style and silky, melodic voice, the Nashville-based singer/songwriter always hits the mark and this release is no exception. East London came together while James was living alone in London for two months. As an EP, […]

How to get free Instagram followers and likes easily in 2021

Do you know what engagement is? It is very important if you run your social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, for business. The engagement includes any factors, such as the number of comments, likes, recommendations, and shares that your profiles present. It measures not only how many people follow you, but also how […]

Fashion Tips For The Well Dressed Man From Carl Thompson’s Collection

Being well-dressed, put together, and having a chic style makes a personal statement about who you are as a man. We don’t like to believe that is true, but it is. It is usually a person that is not familiar with the world of fashion that will argue the point.   Fashion Influencer, Carl Thompson […]