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How CBD Oil Helps Your Dog Overcome Fireworks Anxiety

  What you see as beautiful lights in the sky is actually one of your dog’s worst nightmares. I completely agree with you that fireworks are stunning and rather enjoyable, but if you have a canine, you certainly need to think about how those affect your pet. While you are staring at the sky with […]

As of now, it’s best if you just call him: ‘Tinie’.

After waving away a three-year hiatus in which was culminated after two Brit awards and three studio albums, British rapper Tinie Tempah is gearing to release a long-in-the-works album, with latest single ‘Top Winners’ featuring fellow UK artist Not3s re-inviting you to the once sonic flares of ‘TT’. Officially dropping the ‘Tempah’ from his name […]