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Duggie Fields

1883 is deeply saddened to announce British painter and all-round creative mind Duggie Fields has passed aged 75. With a career spanning fifty years, Duggie Fields was a true British institution. In September 2019, 1883 Arts Editor met the post-pop constructivist artist, as he liked to call himself, to talk art, fashion, and how he […]

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is an actress best known for her leading roles in the FOX series Alcatraz, HULU’s The Path, and most recently, her stellar role in Apple TV+’s space-themed show, For All Mankind.   First beginning her career in 2004, the fast-rising actress has gone from strength to strength thanks to her ability for playing a varied range […]

How To Manage Construction Equipment

For contractors, construction equipment is a significant investment, which is why it’s worthwhile using suppliers you can trust like ADA Fastfix. As a result, you must have effective management in place if you want to achieve the greatest return on investment. Downtime caused by equipment failure can result in dissatisfied clients and a difficult time […]

8 Benefits of Mastering Guitar Lessons

Most people are familiar with romantic movies that show a cowboy playing the guitar to impress a lady, but there are many other (and possibly more practical) benefits of learning the instrument other than wooing women. Whether you recently found some new guitar tab sheet music to learn or you have not yet begun your guitar playing […]