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It occurred to me the other day that this summer will have been 13 years since I moved to the UK. I have now lived in this country longer than the place where I was born. And while I have now officially spent a longer time of my life here, than I have in my […]

How to Win Real-Money Bonuses When Playing the Top Online Casino Games

Casinos have existed since ancient times. However, the first physical establishment was created in Venice as far back as 1638. This is also when the term “casino” came into existence; it can be roughly translated from Italian into English as “small house”. The Internet has now revolutionised the entire industry and countless websites offer untold […]

How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding

With people finally rescheduling their weddings, more couples are seeing a shift in their priorities. Eco-friendly weddings have become increasingly popular as a way to celebrate. Here are six tips to plan a sustainable wedding:   1. Don’t Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond Everything starts with the proposal – and finding the perfect engagement ring takes […]