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The World’s Most Well-Known Professional Gamblers

Becoming a pro gambler sounds exciting, yet very few manage to make this dream come true. Even so, there are still plenty of those who draw inspiration and motivation from first-class gamblers who built a fortune on their skills and good luck. Whether you prefer poker or high-quality slot games on Amazon Slots, we hope […]

Why Do Betting Sites Require Verification?

  Online gambling is gaining popularity more and more in the UK and around the globe. Account verification is an important component as well. There exist NonStopCasino bookmakers that do not require verification and allow gambling without complicated processes. However, other bookies do need account verification as per government regulations. In the UK for instance, […]

What Gambling Markets In Europe Are The Most Profitable?

  Gambling has been a global phenomenon with elements of entertainment, fun and thrill due to it being a game of luck and chance. Punters across Asia, Europe, the US, and all around the world play casino games. Around 26% of the world’s population are gamblers which are around 1.6 billion people. The global gambling […]

The History Of Pokie Games In New Zealand

  Do you enjoy online gambling? We’ve got a little history lesson you might enjoy. In 1895, the first slot machine was introduced in the USA by Charles Fey. The game, Liberty Bell, was an instant hit, but the laws did not allow players to gamble for cash. So the liberty bell started to use […]

Everything you need to know about selecting a perfect sports betting site

Online sports betting is a popular pastime. Everyone enjoys it since it’s both entertaining and profitable. Furthermore, because you can place bets on sports online, such as at Betgames, you can do so from the comfort of your own home. Thus, it is practical for all. However, since there are so many, selecting a reputable […]

How To Order Your Contact Lenses Online

If you have been wearing glasses for a while and now you are ready to switch to contact lenses, you will have to think long and hard about which ones to actually buy. Of course, the same goes for all of those people who don’t have any eyesight issues and who simply want to wear […]