The World’s Most Well-Known Professional Gamblers

Becoming a pro gambler sounds exciting, yet very few manage to make this dream come true. Even so, there are still plenty of those who draw inspiration and motivation from first-class gamblers who built a fortune on their skills and good luck. Whether you prefer poker or high-quality slot games on Amazon Slots, we hope this list of best-known professionals will inspire you to enjoy your gaming sessions even more!

Doyle Brunson

The man in the hat, also known as Texas Dolly, is, without a doubt, the best poker player of all time. Over the course of five decades, Brunson managed to rule the poker world, survive the revolutionary transition to online poker, and selflessly share his knowledge of the popular card game.

In his career, Brunson won the World Series Of Poker Main Event two times and is a Poker Hall of Fame member. A strong advocate of a skill-based approach, Doyle was famous for his saying that everyone is lucky every once in a while, but no one is consistently lucky. Considering his results and the fortune he made on poker, we have to agree.

Edward O. Thorp

If you have seen Rain Man, 21, or Hangover, you remember how important it is to count cards in blackjack. But where did all that come from? We have Edward O. Thorp to thank. Now, this guy is a real blackjack genius, and counting cards was not even his main occupation. That is how good he was.

Thorp was a mathematics professor who found modern and innovative ways to apply the probability theory to everyday life. His efforts resulted in Beat the Dealer, the most popular and influential book on counting cards. His theory was so efficient (and he tested it personally) that Las Vegas casinos had to change the way dealers handle the decks.

Daniel Negreanu

The kind Canadian, or Kid Poker if you like, has won six World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tours. This poker artist is arguably one of today’s most successful and recognizable players. Negreanu’s poker style is focused on calmness and patience, which made him insanely popular among audiences who disliked the mouthy players such as Bill Hellmuth.

One of Negreanu’s best qualities is that he never underestimates the power of preparation, thus encouraging thousands of casual players to keep their gaming safe. It is estimated he is worth $60 million, so Daniel obviously knows what he is doing on the poker table.


Amarillo Slim

A good friend of Doyle Brunson and Sailor Robert, Amarillo Slim was one of the biggest promotors of Texas Hold’em Poker. But there is so much more to him than that. As a hard-core horse racing punter, Amarillo used his wit, skills, and talents to beat all odds. The Evel Knievel of the casino industry was a true rascal, and no other managed to come close to him.

Bill Benter

Another horse racing aficionado on the list, Bill Benter, found a way to create a winning algorithm for Hong Kong racetracks. This is not where the story ends. Benter continued his adventure in Las Vegas, started to collaborate with Thorp, and allegedly won over a billion dollars throughout his career. An avid philanthropist, he now lives a secluded life in Pittsburgh.


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