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Top three e-wallets to use for online payments in 2022

When playing at any top online casino, it is important to know exactly what payment methods your chosen brand accepts. While an individual site can affect the payment times and costs, it’s generally the payment platform that can create the biggest delays and incurred expenses. Over the years, we have seen a few different gambling […]

How Online Sports Betting Became Big Business

  You will have to be living off-grid to have escaped the news that online sports betting is now big business in the US. It seems as though every ad break shows off more sportsbooks and a whole host of celebrities have been more than happy to be the face of the best US betting […]

9 Best Metaverse Crypto You Should Look Into in 2022

Many believe that Metaverse is going to be the next thing in the world of the internet. As a result, there are different companies that are building their projects into the Metaverse. While on one side, we have companies like Facebook, now named Meta, and Microsoft. There are a bunch of best metaverse crypto projects […]

From Stefani Germanotta to Lady Gaga: This is how a Star was born

  In August 2018 a special musical film had its world premiere at the Venice Festival. Its name: “A Star is Born”. The film was the third remake of the eponymous classical work which celebrated its debut in 1937. In the female lead, Stefanie Germanotta plays a young musician who becomes a star overnight. The […]