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The Story of Two Flowers

  Team Credit Creative Director and Make-up Artist Serena Palma Photography Riccardo La Valle Fashion Stylist and Casting Director Silvia Campagna Hairstylist Camilla Crema Set Design and Choreographer Francesca Pellegrini  Models Alina Mikheeva @The Wall Agency & Lexia Semenova @No Logo Make-up Assistant Teresa Basili using NARS and CAUDALIE A special thanks to Sylvio Giardina & Ilaria […]

How to Find the Best Home Security Company for Your Needs

  Finding the best home security company can be a daunting task. With so many companies to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for finding the best security company for your needs. Determining Your Home Security Needs Your home security […]

Teacher Strategies for Improving Instruction

  Teaching is More Than Giving Information to Students and Testing Teachers who know the fine points of instruction are more successful. Students whose teachers use these strategies learn more and get better test scores. Teaching is often viewed by the general public as an example of an essay writer for you, a matter of […]

Teaching History Without Textbooks

  The Best Route to Better Critical Thinking Skills History and social studies textbooks are dull. They condense and predigest ideas and insights, transforming them into tasteless pap that students can regurgitate without having to think. Teachers who “teach the textbook” are responsible for the widespread belief that history and the social sciences are terminally […]

10 Home Decorating Ideas for Coffee Tables

  Your coffee table is a central piece of furniture that can help tie together the visual appeal of your living room. It can be a great place to display items you love and make it a conversation starter with guests, but you may be wondering exactly how to do that. Take some inspiration from […]

All You Should Know about Online Gambling in New Zealand

The online gambling industry in New Zealand is growing just as fast as in other parts of the world. New Zealand casino lovers spend millions of dollars in the online industry every year. The New Zealand gambling scene is primarily land-based. There are six fantastic land-based casinos all across the country. Still, online gambling, horse […]