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10 Home Decorating Ideas for Coffee Tables


Your coffee table is a central piece of furniture that can help tie together the visual appeal of your living room. It can be a great place to display items you love and make it a conversation starter with guests, but you may be wondering exactly how to do that. Take some inspiration from these 10 home decorating ideas for extra large coffee tables.


  1. Keep it simple by focusing on one focal point

This is the most popular method for decorating a coffee table along with kitchen dining table: choose one or two items to make into your focal point—say, a beautiful vase or a piece of art—and arrange everything else around those pieces. A few things to remember: keep the number of items you include on your coffee table small and make sure there’s enough space between them so they don’t look cluttered. For your main focal point, it’s best to stick with items that are fairly tall and not too wide, either vertically or horizontally. If you want to add something more substantial, like a sculpture or an ornate bowl, keep it as close to the center of the table as possible so it doesn’t crowd other items off.


  1. Put small items on display

Simply placing a tray on the table can add dimension and give you an organized space for books, candles, or other things you want visible but not scattered all over. If your tray isn’t big enough to hold everything, try putting larger items toward the back and smaller objects (such as jewelry) in front of them.

  1. Add height

Vases, candlesticks, and other tall elements will make your coffee table look more interesting. You can use anything from old-fashioned milk bottles to modern sculptures depending on your style.


  1. Candlesticks

A tall candlestick placed at the center of a coffee table will bring an elegant look to any room. To match your interior design, choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes available in brass, silver, glass, or ceramic. You can also choose colored or scented candles to add more style or scent to your room.


  1. A Plant in an Elegant Pot

Some plants and flowers will definitely add a nice touch to your living room and make you feel closer to nature. Choose the right plant for your home and put it into an elegant pot that complements the design and style of your interior.


  1. A Creative Table Lamp

A little lamp placed on top of your coffee table could be the ideal solution if you need extra lighting when reading or watching TV in the evenings, while also adding softness and coziness to the place where everyone gathers.


  1. Add Some Life

Plants are the perfect addition to any coffee table, especially if you want it to feel cozy. They add warmth and texture while also providing some much-needed color. You can go with something simple like cacti or succulents for a modern look; or try using gardenias or other fragrant flowers if you have a more traditional style. If you’re not much of a green thumb, faux plants will still give your space that lived-in feel without requiring too much upkeep on your part!


  1. Accessorize

Another way to make your coffee table more interesting is by adding accessories like books, candles, vases and trinkets. Try grouping items together in odd numbers so they look more cohesive; then place them on top of one other so they stand out against the background of your living room furniture.


  1. Do away with clutter

Think about it: What’s one of the most common sights on coffee tables? It’s probably a pile of papers, magazines, or books that aren’t doing anything but taking up space. Keep these items out of sight in a magazine rack or basket, so you can keep your coffee table uncluttered and pristine. If you do want to display some reading materials, aim for one book with a striking cover that coordinates with your decor.


  1. Go for symmetry

The best way to get some structure into your living room is to use pairs of items on your coffee table—a pair of lamps, a pair of vases, or even a pair of book ends flanking either side of that single reading material. If you have a larger surface area to work with, try arranging three objects on each side (using variations on color and size for interest).


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